Level 922


Class 2

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Level 922 is the 923rd level of the Backrooms. It is described as a Chinese fast food restaurant that stands alone in an expansive parking lot.



Level 922 is a small Chinese fast food restaurant, containing a dimly-lit waiting room, a dark wooden front counter, and a door with a curtain that leads to presumably a kitchen. On the front counter, there is an old cash register, a fishbowl that is constantly full of fortune cookies, and a small white maneki-neko.1 Along the counter there is a menu with many options, such as fried rice, lo mein, chow mein, orange chicken, crab rangoons, etc.; all of which are orderable and safe to eat, however one will never see them made. The waiting room has a low coffee table, a worn greenish couch, a large goldish-brown pattern rug, a few plants and a water cooler with paper cups. The cooler dispenses Almond Water, and is safe to drink.


The open sign in the window outside of the restaurant, taken by S. Perez while returning from an exploration mission at night.


It is possible to leave the restaurant and go outside, which will only be a gray parking lot that expands infinitely, but a hazy fog clouds the view beyond a few hundred feet around the building. There are what appears to be endless street lamps adorning the parking lot, which continue into the fog. At night, the light from the street lamps can be seen faintly in the fog. The restaurant, from outside, stands alone in the parking lot. The building is composed of dark red brick. A red neon sign that reads “LUCKY CHINESE” decorates the outside of the building, as well as a giant, shiny, gold maneki-neko in the window with an illuminated “open” sign, which has never been recorded as turned off. In the back, Although there are no vehicles, there are handicap parking spaces directly in front of the doors of the restaurant.


Inside the building, the temperature is reported as uncomfortably warm, measured at 75° Fahrenheit, or 24° Celsius. Outside, the temperature during the day is reported at 72°F/22°C and slightly humid, and 68°F/20°C during the night. The weather within this level is slightly overcast, however there are no reports of precipitation occurring. The fog, when entered, is cooler and dense; an exact measurement of the temperature within has not been recorded. The air is reported to feel moist, and upon leaving the fog one may find they are slightly damp, as if they had walked through a mist.

"Upon exiting the fog surrounding Lucky Chinese, I've found that… my hair is damp and frizzy… My clothes are a little wet, too. The water is cool but doesn't seem to be harmful. The fog is definitely a little colder than the rest of this level… I'm starting to notice a runny nose."
- M. Grime, 11/21/2021, 8:14 AM


Level 922 is regarded as a Survival Difficulty 2 level because of the entities found within the fog. The entry point, inside the lobby of the restaurant, is secure and safe. The only recorded entity is a Smiler within the establishment, however it is docile and will not attack. It is only spotted occasionally when the curtain to the doorway is slightly parted, where it may peer between the curtains at any Wanderer who may be waiting in the lobby. The immediate surroundings of the outside of the restaurant are also safe. However, if one ventures beyond the parking lot and into the fog, safety cannot be guaranteed. There have been occasional reports of entities within, including Facelings and Deathmoths. There is no real recorded purpose of going into the fog, as what is known is that nothing other than entities reside there, so it is not advised to go further than the immediate parking lot outside of Level 922.

Often found inside of Lucky Chinese is a Wanderer known only by the name of “Zee.” Zee typically can be found at the cash register behind the front counter, notably adorning a black chrome full-face shield helmet with two audio receivers on the top, which loosely resemble cat ears. Along with this helmet, he adorns a long black silk coat with the hood raised. Wanderers who enter this level are usually greeted by Zee, who will take their order to the back kitchen and come back with their food, but otherwise does not speak much. He will always ring up the order but never asks for compensation, although he will provide a receipt with the food ordered. No matter what is ordered, the receipt will always show the cost as being $9.22. His intent is not completely clear, however it can be assumed that he lives within the level as it is safe for residence within the restaurant.


The front counter of Lucky Chinese, taken by G. Restaino during a visit.

With each visit, one will only get one serving of food; fried rice or noodles, and an entrée. It will come in a box with a small handle and no markings, as well as chopsticks. When Zee is not present, it is possible to order, although it is rare for him to be absent. One must simply order their meal at the front counter, then part the curtains, which will lead to a locked steel door, similar to what may be found at a high-security prison. There is a small hatch that only opens from the inside, which will have the spoken order in front of. If one orders with the curtains parted, the food will not appear until after the curtains have been closed and reopened, which suggests there may be an entity behind the door that does not want to be seen. The door is locked and cannot be opened. If one tries to yank the handle, the steel will get increasingly hot, to the point where it could burn bare skin.


<Begin Log>

Time: 10:21 PM
Date: 10/05/2016
Location: Level 922
Interviewer: Melissa Grime
Interviewee: "Zee"

[A rustling of clothing can be heard, as well as a few soft footsteps.]

Zee: Welcome. How may I help you?

Melissa: Are you Zee?

Zee: Yes.

Melissa: My name is Melissa Grime, of the M.E.G. I'm here in regards to learn more about this… level.

[There is an awkward, extended moment of silence. Melissa clears her throat.]

Melissa: Well, erm. Mr. Zee -

Zee: You may simply refer to me as Zee, ma'am.

Melissa: …Alright. Zee. It's in my notes here that you tend to this… shop. How long have you been here?

Zee: Ever since I arrived here.

[Another awkward pause ensues.]

Melissa: …Okay… Um, have you documented any entities within this level?

Zee: Only in the fog.

Melissa: The fog? You mean, outside?

Zee: No. Outside is safe. Wander beyond the parking lot into the fog, and that safety is not guaranteed.

Melissa: Got it… And, there are no entities in here?

Zee: There is Moe, he is a Smiler that likes to peer between the curtains on occasion. But he is a friend, and will not attack.

[Footsteps, presumably Melissa's, on the wooden floor can be heard. Zee's voice gets closer as the footsteps approach.]

Melissa: Are you sure it's not aggressive?

Zee: Mm. He watches now.

[A small gasp can be heard from Melissa.]

Melissa: Oh, I-I see. Okay. [There is a brief pause.] How do you leave this level?

[Crinkling of plastic can be heard, like a hand reaching in a jar.]

Zee: Take this, and eat. Your destination is your fortune.

Melissa: A fortune cookie? Is this… safe?

Zee: To eat? Yes. Your destination? That is for you to find out.

[Plastic can heard being torn, as well as a cracking sound.]

Melissa: Level 817. [whispering to self] Where is that..? [clears throat] W-Well, thank you for your time, Zee.

Zee: My pleasure. Have a wonderful day.

[Crunching can be heard before the audio cuts.]

<End Log>

Result: After eating the fortune cookie, M. Grime would wake up at the entry point of Level 817. She is noted to have felt fine after eating the fortune cookie. Level 922 is documented to be safe within the Chinese restaurant establishment. Further investigation into the so-called "fog" is necessary. The Smiler within the establishment, nicknamed "Moe," is noted as docile and under the control of Zee.

Edit, 11/21/2021: A team of two consisting of M. Grime and S. Perez returned to Level 922 to venture into the fog. Upon entering, they are reported to have encountered a young Faceling that attacked S. Perez with a dull razor blade, who sustained minor injuries. M. Grime pursued further after assisting her partner, and reported sightings of multiple Deathmoths approximately a mile into the fog swarming around the street lights. They seemed protective of the light and would not allow M. Grime to approach, however were not recorded as otherwise aggressive. No other entities or objects were reported.

Bases, Outposts, & Communities

Zee is the only Wanderer known to reside in Level 922, and is willing to help other Wanderers and Survivors. There are no other known communities residing in this level.

Entrance & Exit


  • On Level 92, if you enter apartment 2 and close the door behind you in complete darkness, you will turn around to be in the lobby.
  • On Level 178, no-clipping through the refrigerator door in the kitchen will cause you to appear in front of the cash register.
  • On Level 974, finding and eating a fortune cookie in the pantry will lead to waking up on the worn greenish couch.
  • If you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, go to Google.com on an Internet device, and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky," there is a slight chance you may black out and wake up on the pattern carpet.


Exiting Level 922 is simple. Open a fortune cookie, which can be found in a jar on the front counter. Upon opening, there will be a random level on the paper inside. Eat the cookie to immediately wake up in the level written on the paper. If asked, Zee will provide wanderers with a cookie, which does not affect the randomness of the level. One can take more than one cookie until they find a level they want to arrive in. These levels have only been recorded as within 0 and 999, although most levels that have been accounted for are usually Survival Difficulty 0 and 2, and can be accessed at multiple other points with relative ease. No other exit points have been recorded.

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