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Class Variable

  • Varied Safety
  • Unsecured
  • Varied Entity Count

A Picture of Sector 1 before the explorer got assaulted by a Smiler

Level 719 is the 720th Level of the Backrooms, Level 719 is Seemingly an Large Abandoned Office building which Composes of 4 sectors Composes 4 Sectors and a 5th Unexplored Sector.


Level 719 is an Abandoned Office Building with 4 documented Sector, And a recently discovered Unexplored 5th Sector and each of them having their own dangers to the people that enter this Level


Class 2

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  • {$two}
  • {$three}

Sector 1 consist of Large Office Hallway With seemingly 24-128 Square meter without furnitures except Chairs. You may find Almond water And supplies laying around in sometimes, It's not advised to drink it due to strands of Entity 19 and Bacteria in the Almond water. Every 5 to 8 Square meter Traveled you may encounter Smiler, Death Rats, Woodlins and rarely Dullers, And if you may encounter door that are locked, but eventually you'll find a door to a stairway. ascending 5 floor and opening a door will lead you Sector 2. descending 20 floor and opening the door will lead to the 4th Sector

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Forgottens

  • They are a group of 12 people that resides in Sector 3 and are willing to trade for supplies to prepare to traverse through sector 4 Squad of People that is residing in a base in sector 3, They're willing to trade for Memory Juice mostly intoxicating themselves making sector 3 they're home, and rescue team has attempted to escort them to a safer level, but they refuse out of fear after a unsuccessful attempt traversing through sector 4 resulting in many casualty's.

Entrances And Exits


Entering a abandoned building through a fire escape in Level 11 will lead you to Sector 2 of Level 719
No-clipping In The Abyss in Level -2 will teleport you to Sector 3 of Level 719
Finding any wooden door with a scratched out name plate will lead you to Sector 1


Finding a exit door in Sector 1 will lead to The End
Breaking a wall in Sector 3 and going through it will lead to Level 6
Finding a colorful door in Sector 2 Is dangerously advised Will lead to a Fun Party =)
Its Theorized if you Break through the insulation in Sector 5 you'll be teleported to The Insulation
Its also Theorized going through a window will lead you to Level 11 not to be mistaken with Windows

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