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Class 5

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Level 366 is the 367th Level of the Backrooms.


The level is an infinite asylum. The stretchers cluttering the floors here are casting short shadows in the humming and flickering fluorescent lamps. Here you will hear insane laughter from all directions, but no apparent source can be seen. The blue walls are stained with blood and the white paint on the concrete celling is withering away leaving large flakes littering the green vinyl flooring. Immediately when you wake up here you will get an eerie sensation of being watched. It is advised to get out of the level as fast as possible not only because of the entities but also the psychological and mental effects. Electronic devices will not work here, with the flashlight being the only exception. The elevators here will most likely not work. But in the rare case it does work it will send you to another part of the level.

The upper floor rooms are padded apart from a few offices and the basements storage rooms. The minimalistic offices will only have a desk with a computer on it. The drawers are filled with some sort of black liquid. Should you happen to touch it, your skin starts to slowly melt away. With enough exposure of this black liquid you´ll turn into a Wretched. Some offices are out of place with mold growths and the black liquid dripping from the ceiling.

The basements are long twisting tunnels where the roof and walls are made from concrete. The rooms are storage rooms that can vary in size and are very rare, these rooms will sometimes contain flashlights, almond water and rations. The tunnels have pipes that line the walls and will leak the black liquid if broken. The floors will sometimes have small pools of the liquid and will sometimes become uncrossable.


The level is packed with entities. The most common entity are the Wretches. Other entities that roam the level are the Facelings, Smilers, Clumps, Death Rats, Deathmoths and. These entities infest the whole level.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts and communities.

Entrances And Exits:


One way to enter this level is by finding a hallway with red lights and stretchers in level Level 6. If you venture deep enough in this hallway you will pass out and wake up here.

Another way is by entering a door labeled asylum on level 26.


The main way to exit is to go down the basement and walk until you find a door with red liquid seeping out from underneath it, walk through the door and you´ll teleport to Level 65.

Another way to exit is to find a parking lot with an old car. When you enter the car, you´ll immediately pass out and wake up on Level 69.

If you find a door labeled 666 you will be transported to Level 666.

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