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Level 12323 has the appearance of a tropical island and poses no risks or hazards. Sand, tall trees, coconut shrubs, and water are all present on the island, which is designed to resemble its counterpart in the world of The Frontrooms. There are occasionally rock formations that rise above the water on Level 12323's exterior and form arches. The island's perimeter is bordered by an endless sea with flat waves. Objects on the shore are typically washed up by the waves. These include liquids like liquid cardboard and liquid anguish as well as fire salt and almond water. The ostensibly safe waves, however, are harmful to consume and, if ingested, cause a burning feeling in the throat. Even though it hurts, this burning is not fatal. It has been reported that lemons that supposedly grow on "Coconut Trees" alleviate burning. Level 12323'' also contains caves.

Five times per month, an occurrence known as "Relaxation Rain" takes place; this rain might help you unwind and find serenity. Two times per month, "Drinkable Water," another event, takes place. For three hours, the ocean water becomes safe to drink. Look at the ocean in a painting to see whether drinkable water is present; if it is dark blue, then it is. Another occurrence known as "Rain" occurs 50 times year; you can drink the typical water that falls from the rain. According to one story, the wave has washed up a number of weapons, but the wanderer is unable to touch them; nonetheless, the wanderer may be hallucinating. A volcano on a wanderer's island erupts once a year in another occurrence known as "Eruption." According to 13 reports, although their island lacks coconut trees, expensive things like fire salt have washed up on the shore.

On '''Level 12323''', an entity by the name of "Quest Master" will spawn. Interacting with him will assing you a "Quest". The difficulty of the quest determines the worth of the items that are given to you, although all quests are risky. When a wanderer accepts a quest, "Quest Destroyer" spawns as a monster. Quest Destroyer will then make the task more challenging, but not challenging enough to endanger a wanderer.

This level has a definite cycle of day and night, with stars, planets, and shooting stars visible during the night. The Quest Master is likewise impacted by the night because he isn't visible in the EAST at night. Approximately 24 hours pass during the night, 24 hours pass during the day, and 48 hours pass during a whole day.

Bases, Outpost and Communities

Sea Removal

  • Currently removing the poisonous ocean water
  • Allows Joining
  • Friendly
  • Trading
  • 78 Members

M.E.G Base

  • Gives people loot
  • Friendly
  • Allows Joining
  • Not collecting Quest
  • 458 Members

Entrances and Exits


  • One can end up here by finding an island on level 7
  • Finding an opening and climbing it on level 8


  • Swimming straight in North or South will bring you to level 7
  • Going back to the cave will then bring you back to Level 8
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