The Customers
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Habitat(s): The Guitar Store

The Customer entities are found within The Guitar Store, but due to leaving this level when it is active without someone maintaining it that can lead to a build-up of The Customers entity, this causes The Customers to appear in different Levels on what seems as random. the reason this happens is that The Customers leave the room to find those who Noclipped out.


The Customers are humanoid entities wears clothing which is torn-up, rotting in some cases and they varies from old fashioned suits and dresses which is the majority of clothing seen on the entities to some wearing newer clothing like T-shirts or jeans. they're overall bodies are husk-like with protrusions of random items such as typewriters, pencils, coffee mugs and other appliances round about the abdomen area. Customers head varies as well with some being bald and other having full heads of hair, the faces are also husk in appearance, the faces of the Customers are husk-like as well with no eyes in the sockets and no teeth or tongues for their mouths.


Within The Guitar Store:

The Customers have a very basic routine, They enter the store it seems that they can open the front door while others entities and people in the level cannot, they approach the guitars around the rooms and looks at them, after a while The Customer picks a guitar and brings it to the front desk, if a line has formed they will wait in line, they will wait to purchase the guitar and they will give out 1-5 money to whoever is the "cashier". If left unserved The Customers will become aggressive with anything within The Guitar Store that is not themselves, if a person or people are within the level when The Customers become aggressive one person will be dragged out the The Guitar Store location to somewhere out of view, we are unsure on what happens to those who have been dragged but we know that no one has returned alive when they have been dragged out.

Within other levels:

if everyone in The Guitar Store leaves through noclipping out of the level, the level will remain active with the Customers left behind becoming more and more aggressive, it is known that The Customers will often times leave The Guitar Store, this most likely to find anyone who Noclipped out of the level to drag them back in.


We have found that the Customers are mainly human in biology, other than the organs being replaced with different household appliances and a meaty ball with different tendrils attached to the skull where the brain once was, when touched with a electrical current on certain points different parts of The Customers 'Brain' I will make different muscles tense up.


The first group to discover The Guitar Store and thus The Customers was nearly wiped out other than Shawn [REDACTED], this is the transcript of a interview with Mr [REDACTED] before he was seen being dragged off by The Customers in Level-1.

Begin Log 27:33
Interviewer: Member of Track Mappers
Interviewee: Shawn

Shawn: Alright what you need me for.

Tracker: We just need to know what happened in that new level.

Shawn: Oh, you mean that decerped place, glad I got out after that complete mess.

Tracker: we mainly need to know about those entities that are in that level.

Shawn: you mean those creepy looking dudes, yeah i might have pissed them off, I've seen them around, they appear out of nowhere.

Tracker: What do you mean by ' Appear out nowhere'.

Shawn: I mean that they appear out of nowhere, they phase right through the walls, caught me off guard the first time but not now.

(Shawn shown off a makeshift machete from his backpack)

Shawn:Luckily they go down in a few hits gladly.

Tracker: yes we have seen those who you hade left behind, some where not dead though and those that you did take down we have taken for research.

Shawn: Good, good, figuring out those creatures the better we can deal with them.

Tracker: We have a theory that these things were originally human, dissection shows that those thing have pretty much the same biology as us other than organs, they have been replaced with different items, that might be the fate of your friends. I'm sorry.

Shawn: wait what do you mean that's the fate of my friends, my boys wouldn't allow that to happen to them.

( At this moment Shawn became visibly upset)

Shawn: this that what will happen to me if I get caught?

Tracker: if you would like to leave you have the choice.

( Shawn got up and left the interview )

(We sent M.E.G. staff to make sure he was alright afterwards)

Summery: We discovered that when The Customers become highly aggressive they will leave The Guitar Store and will chase anyone who had left the level without completing it, at a certain level of aggressiveness they will begin to noclip through the walls to get to whoever abandoned them, it seems they also have human biology with a renewable source of Customers by capturing anyone who either annoyed them or left the level and transforming them into Customers by replacing their organs.


Our staff speculates that The Customers are most likely a Hivemind which is controlled by something outside the view of the store. We will deem it The Consumer, this entity that we don't even know if it exists takes in humans to transform them into Customers, if we are able to somehow get out of the Store we could attempt to dispatch a crew to deal with The Consumer and rid The Guitar Store of all hostile entities.

We will continue to send missions to the The Guitar Store both for the supplies it has and to find a way to get out the store.

Do's and Don'ts:



  • leave the The Guitar Store without completing the Money objective.
  • Ignore them.
  • Act aggressive toward them.

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