The Guitar Store
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“when no-clipping between other levels in the Backrooms as a group and on rare occasions on your own you might end up in The Guitar Store
“With dull grey wallpaper, linoleum flooring, Guitars which are horrendously tuned lining the walls and The Customers are waiting outside.”
“and their losing their patience.”


Class 3

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Level n is the (n+1)'nd Level of the Backrooms.


The Guitar Store take the form of an old music shop with linoleum floor, guitars lined up on their racks and a large glass window and door that stares out into a large mall, this level has a day-night cycle and tests have concluded that the glass window is indestructible as well as the door being locked, there is a staff room in the back of the store with a soft drinks machine that has the title and logo Soda! with different flavours such as; Normal Soda, Diet Soda and Water Soda, the vending machine seem to never run out of drinks but you must pay money to acquire a drink. there is also a small ditch is the corner of the staff room for sanitary means. on the counter there sits a burger that reappears after someone eats it or leaves the room with one, do not eat the tomatoes from the burger as it has the following side effects; aggressive mania, violent outbursts, insomnia and the high blood pressure.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

  • Due to this level having a capacity of 8 people at a time there are no stable communities living in The Guitar Store.
  • But though out the level there is evidence of other explorers being in this level before, such as a foul smelling ditch in the staff room and notes across the level which we have taken to make this guide.

Entrances And Exits


The Guitar Store can be accessed at random chance from mainly Level-1 by no clipping out of the level the known locations have been marked, to decrease the chance of entering the Guitar Store do not no-clip in close proximity to others no-clipping as well, to find out about accidental no-clips look to Basics Of The Backrooms, A Guide.


There are 2 known ways of leaving The Guitar Store;

  • you are able to noclip to Level-34 through the ditch in the staff room, but leaving this level without completing it is a burden. The level stays active while you have left it which leads to a Customer Build-up in the level. Leaving this unchecked can lead to The Customer entities to leave The Guitar Store and travel to other levels in search for whoever left them behind.
  • Surpassing a threshold of money you acquired from purchases from The Customers which is somewhere between 10 money in the register to 10,000 money in the register, which will forcefully no-clip you out of the level to a random safe level.
  • There is a theorised 3rd exit to The Guitar Store though the notes left behind by past explorers

Notes And Documents

Notes have been found around The Guitar Store throughout the early visits to the level and have been taken back to The M.E.G. on Level-1 to help make this guide and to discover more about this level.

Don’t eat the tomatoes.

It’s in the wall
look into the walls

I want to look outside the store

even here, I have to work minimum wage


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