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Class deadzone

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The level is an abandoned factory building,
with a foggy atmosphere with no source of light since is night(and all the lights are off),
this level contains machinery except furnitures.
if you go depper in this level you won't be able to see much since the fog will be more intense,
and even a source of light won't be enough to see trough the level,
entities like Smiler and Deathmoths are very common in this level,
even if there were some sights of Skin Stealer and Hounds,
it's known that staying too long in this level will cause strong hallucinations
and symptoms like those of pneumonia that will cause the death of the wanderer,
the reason for this phenomena is still unknown but it's theorized that it could be the strong fog.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

It is impossible to establish Communities or Outposts in this Level,
since due to entities, restricted sight and the fact that it's impossibile to stay in this level for too long.

Entrances And Exits


There are no documented entrances for this level


There are no documented exits from this level

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