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A picture of Mark in The Employee's Bathroom full of trash and junk.

Location: Level 2.

The Employee's Bathroom is a restroom found within Level 2 that is home to a human male referenced to as 'Mark'. Currently only one image of Mark exists as of Mark's request.


The Employee's Bathroom is a small room that includes two bathroom stalls, two urinals and a single sink and mirror. The room seems to be in rough conditions with puddles on the cement floor, stains on the tiled walls and urinal, doors rusted beyond repair, and large piles of trash and junk covering the entire northeast corner of the room, blocking one of the bathrooms stalls completely.

The trash piles of The Employee's Bathroom seem to fluctuate in size, from either looking rather empty to being extremely large the day after. It is unknown how this is accomplished as Mark claims he does not know himself.

The stench of the restrooms reeks of trash and the stains on the walls so it isn't a healthy environment to stay in for long. Which doesn't seem to be the case for its only residence, an average human male by the name of 'Mark'. Mark sees to live within The Employee's Bathroom without any issues. He will always be found in the second bathroom stall with his toilet held within, which he considers his eternal throne.

Mark has many beliefs and claims that he ramble on about from time to time. One of these beliefs is that his toilet is special, which means he will never leave The Employee's Bathroom due to him believing that if he ever stands from his toilet, he will no longer be immortal and invincible. Due to this, his movement is very limited. These claims currently go ignored until proper research can be conducted.

Mark has an overall comedic but somewhat selfish and impatient personality. He tends to either joke around, or complain about certain topics including his “nagging wife” who of which we never get to see. According to Mark, he is an alcoholic, and will ask everyone that walks in if they have any beverages lying around, specifically 'Coors Light' or 'Budweiser' as these are claimed to be his favorite. He also has committed actions of theft, taking various objects out of Wanderer's hands and placing it in his ever growing trash pile when you get too close, claiming it to be his property.

It is advised not to retrieve your stolen item or other various pieces of junk, due to Mark engaging in hostile behaviors similar to that of a Skin-Stealer and attempt to attack the Wanderer mostly via kicking. However, he cannot attack your from a distance since he refuses to leave his toilet.

Discovery and Documents:

The Employee's Bathroom and Mark was discovered during the early days of The M.E.G., when the Overseers and their friends explored Level 2 for the first time. However, there is plenty of evidence that both The Employee's Bathroom and Mark existed before this.

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