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Level: (n (placeholder for now)) - "The Maw"


Class 2

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Level n is the (n+1)'nd Level of the Backrooms.


It's the inside of a maw of an incomprehensibly large, sleeping large-muzzled creature. Like, the level is you walking along its tongue toward the front of its mouth, with teeth a few feet above average human size lining the "wall".
expand on: saliva, groans, smell, breathing, lights, tongue, muscles tissue, gums, parts of teeth, throat, humidity

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level. Talks of a M.E.G. outpost being established at the entrance of Level (n) have been discussed on and off. However, given the nature of the level, the uncertainty if it will wake up and/or completely swallow the contents in its mouth, any plans have been shelved until further research is conducted.

Entrances And Exits


- Fall through a white door labeled (n) in Level (n-1). The door is on the roof of The Maw, so the shift in gravity often causes wanderers to tumble down onto The Maw's tongue.
- Rarely get transported into Level (n) when grabbed by a Dentist.


- Can reach the door leaving back to level (n) through the nearby ladder provided by M.E.G. agents. (M.E.G. asks that wanderers do not take the ladder for themselves during their travels.)
- No-clipping through The Maw's front incisors to reach Level (n+1).

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