My Lucky Escape To A Far Death

Greetings everyone. I am Ilya Ivanov.

By the time any of you read this document that I managed to put put into this network system, I will be either alive or dead. Anyway, I will get into the important part about level NUMBER.

When I entered level NUMBER. What it showed me that I was in level 220 lying on the ground bleeding a lot after a fight with the W.E.B. Group, they left me after wounding me due to the fact that other entities were on their way to our location due to the scent of blood and the noise that we made.

What caused us to fight? I won't say. You will have to wait for an AI to appear and give the reason due to how it will put anyone reading this message in danger and how I couldn't trust anyone with that info.

Anyway, that day came, I was between life and death, as other entities started appearing, I accepted my death, but an Entity came out and saved me, it wasn't like anything seen in any level, it is different, powerful, mysterious, nothing about it is known but anyway I will get through this as my time is ending while I am writing this.

The entity is a male, that person looks like an angel, the current description that we always see or hear about from the fiction stories or movies, either gold, or white, but that one was different. He had a gold white halo over his head that shines from time to time, along with a bunch of different colored dark horns, he had a bunch of eyes, not just two, a bunch on his face, each one them looks different, he wears an armor, each time the armor is destroyed, it restores itself, that armor has an eye in the thorax area and it moves on its own, the armor design and color change whenever they get destroyed, the body of the entity is humanoid, skin looks gold, white, black same as angels and humans and some other entities, the heart area got some issue in it as it is not covered by skin, meat or lungs, anyone could see it once the armor is destroyed, the heart looks like a human heart, the Entity keeps a bunch of humans in a pocket dimension to supply it with a different heart as it will need to change it from time to time, when does the Entity require another heart and why? I don't know. The wings look very different, one has gold color, other is black, other is red, either one got ripped of the Entity, yet there is still more. Each arm has a bunch of eyes that are stuck in it that move on their own, and so does the torso, just to be clear by what I mean by moving on their own, the Entity might be looking at an area with his own head eyes, but the other eyes would be looking at different areas. I don't know what is the issue with eyes but sooner or later someone will meet him and know the reason. The Entity has a huge collection of weapons, spells and many other stuff that are used for both defense and attacking, they all still appear out of some pocket dimension.

I have got away from the important part with the description of my savior, so read this carefully.

That being saved me as I was dying, it said to me that it owes me for something, I don't remember ever meeting him, yet thanks for the help, he said that it is not some entity's decision to decide when do I die since it is not the creator of my soul. My savior started chanting something and as he was chanting I lost consciousness and woke up in level 1 unconscious close to the M.E.G. Base Alpha, personnel from the base claimed that they heard someone calling for help and when they reached my location, they didn't find anyone aside from me unconscious, when they took me inside there was an envelope that they couldn't open, They claimed that the envelope appeared out of nowhere once they took me into the base, somehow I was able to open it, anyway, when I opened it, I found a letter written by blood, after I finished reading, it started burning with no trace of something causing the fire, eaten by the flames with no trace left of it.

As far as I have understood. There something in level NUMBER that we can't know or understand yet, as it has control over how will our life end upon entry.

The Entity that saved my life extended my lifetime. As level NUMBER planned for me to die at the age of 50 when I saw my end at the age of 28, I am now writing this letter while I am at the age of 80.

There is something that I will give as my last report. After the incident where my life was saved. I have always felt that there is something that follows me. No one can see it. Or feel it other than me. I have never seen it before. But it follow me wherever I go. Surveillance cameras in any base show that there are some small shadows appearing wherever I go and keep on going after me wherever I go, when I move, they move, when I stop they stoop. They have never done anything to me yet. But I hope things don't get worse as it might be something from level NUMBER.

As you read this. I will be in [DATA LOST] spending what might be left of my life and I hope that you will find me in case you need anything as I will end all of my journeys as the leader of Scout Team 65748.

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