POI - Knox Kane
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M.E.G. Official Notice:

This database file has been hacked by an unidentified individual, presumably Knox Kane. The file cannot be reverted to its original state, meaning some information may be incorrect or edited.
- Dr. Henry Argall

Knox here,

I just wanna let y'all know that you guys have a screwed-up interpretation of me. I'm just adding extra information about me, for God's sake. And I ain't gonna bother redacting my name. Y'all can do whatever the hell you want with it ig. Idc anymore.
- Knox Kane

Name: Knox Kane

Aliases: "The King of Level 148", ████████

Affiliations: The Dome community, Level 148 (entity)

Location: Level 148

"Now bein' here in this hellhole called the Backrooms ain't a pleasant surprise, but when you got a whole community worshippin' you… I'd be lyin' to tell you I don't take a lil' joy in that." -Knox Kane.


M.E.G. Knox Kane file photo.

Knox █████ Kane is an approximately 35-year-old male who currently resides inside the Dome on Level 148 of the Backrooms. Knox is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, has wavy black hair, dons a pair of Ralph Lauren glasses, and has dark green eyes. Knox can be most commonly spotted wandering throughout the Dome and many hallways of Level 148, with the intent of finding lost wanderers to bring to the Dome.

Knox has been known throughout the Dome and Level 148 as "The King of Level 148" due to his impressive leadership skills and extensive knowledge of the Backrooms. He currently leads the ever-growing community that has taken residence inside the Dome, the only safe haven on Level 148. As Knox has the position of "king" (Actually, most people here consider me as just a good influence. I have no idea how the "king" thing came about,) he provides aid to any and all hurt wanderers and helps wanderers new to the Backrooms seeking assistance. Because of this profound expertise in all things related to the Backrooms, Knox has his own station on the Backrooms Radio, Knox's Insight, with special permission from Ralph to provide his own tips for Backrooms survival. This station will air every couple of days and is worth listening to, as Knox is a Backrooms veteran (23 years atm. I got here when I was 12.) and can provide vital information.

Knox tends to be quite an introverted person. He displays a calm but confident tone of voice but is nonetheless friendly to all. Knox also bears a special bond with Level 148, The Living Level. Due to Knox's prolonged stay on Level 148, the entity and Knox have seemingly formed a mutualistic relationship. In turn for aiding Knox by not attacking him, (I mean we aren't friends or anything…) Knox has agreed with the entity that he shall be unable to exit Level 148. (That was the worst decision in my life. It was comparable to a deal with the Devil, or maybe The Beast of Level 5.) As medicinal supplies are scarce on Level 148, and deaths are frequent, Knox has also agreed to bring corpses of fallen wanderers into the halls in order to feed Level 148. █████ ███ ████████ ██ ██ █ ████████.


The Dome.

Along with the knowledge of advanced survival techniques, Knox has quite a few other lesser-known strengths. Knox is a very well-built and fit man, with high-level athletic ability and extremely accurate aim with his Pyroil Squirt Gun that Knox collected upon entry of Level 148. However, Knox's proudest ability is his talent for hacking. Knox has the self-taught skill to hack all software presented to him in a timely fashion and is extremely talented at doing so. Knox has overwritten multiple M.E.G. Database files, and all attempts to prevent this have failed. Contrary to popular belief, Knox has been a legitimate threat to the database on numerous occasions, deleting important files only to return them with an apology for "trolling". Knox has been given countless warnings about this, but due to his importance to the M.E.G, the M.E.G. have not yet intervened with his activities.

Interview Log:

An interview with Knox Kane was conducted on 9/24/2021.

Start time - 4:45 pm
Interviewer - Dr. Henry Argall
Interviewee - Knox Kane
Location - The Dome

Dr. Argall: Hello Knox, how are you today?

Knox: I'm doin' well. What's the reason y'all got all this fancy recording equipment?

Dr. Argall: I am here to make you a generous offer. Recently, personnel at the M.E.G. have taken an interest in Level 148 and its sentient nature. We have established a group called 'Team Hellscape' to do regular checks around The Living Level, as well as research and study its biology. It's pretty makeshift, however, so this is subject to change.

Knox: And how does this concern me?

Dr. Argall: Well, we have put much thought into it, and we believe that with your memory of the level, and the ability to talk to it, you pose to be the most reliable captain for Team Hellscape. That is, of course, if you accept our offer. We can also establish a M.E.G. base inside of the Dome should you agree to the deal. Oh! And if you do accept our very generous offer, we shall provide the Dome with many rations and Firesalt, as well as ██████████. You wouldn't pass that up.

Knox: The hell do you think I am? D'you think I'm stupid? Listen here bud. I know what is best for my community. I've led this group of people for 10 years now, and I won't be handing it over to y'all. And hell, no I ain't gonna join your lil' M.E.G. squadron thing! The Dome is under my protection, and I ain't lettin' you fake know-it-alls take my damn community!

Dr. Argall: Sir, I completely understand. We do have a backup offer related to Team Hellscape that may interest you.

Knox: Y'know what? Sure! What on Earth could you want now, asshole?

Dr. Argall: Rather than join Team Hellscape, we were wondering if you could at least guide Team Hellscape throughout The Living Level and educate us further, as well as hopefully provide us with refuge in the Dome.

Knox: Screw it, fine. I ain't never gonna join your ranks, but I'll give a shot at helpin' y'all out a bit. After all, it ain't gonna do so well for my reputation to let a few M.E.G. fellas waste away.

Dr. Argall: We thank you very much for this, Knox. I hope to see you soon.

Knox: ██████ ██ ███████ ███ ██ █ ████████████ ████ ███ █ ███████.

Holy shit was that an experience and a half. This dick traipses in like he owns the place only to beg on his knees for help. Argall, if you're reading this, fuck off. No one likes a failure of a human being.

End Log.


Knox's trusted squirt gun and Pyroil container.

My turn to write abt myself.

I love the courtesy yall show by not inviting me to talk abt myself. How abt I fill y'all in…

How I entered hell the Backrooms.

When I was 12 years old in Huntsville, Alabama I was walking to school when I saw a snake on the sidewalk. Back then I was a huge snake fan, so I walked over to the thing to see if I could grab it. I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, and neither was a certain driver who didn't see me coming down the road. All of a sudden, that dumbass driver drives straight into me, but I didn't feel a thing. I black out, and a few seconds later I found myself on Level 2, probably the worst place I coulda landed. I started screaming my 12-year-old head off, running through the halls for my mama. A few weeks later I got my head screwed on straight, and I've been here ever since.

About me:

Now listen, people at the M.E.G. I should reiterate that I'd be honored to join Team Hellscape, but between helping my community and joining your group based purely offa speculation and witness accounts, I'd rather stick to the facts. Good luck with your team, and don't be surprised when Team Hellscape dies; no one is ready for a hell such as Level 148.

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