Shattered Stars

(Please note that all the info is currently fanon, unless made canon. All of the current information on this page is not true. Some information on the page is not created by me. Again, please be aware.)

Level 699 is the 700th level of the backrooms.


Level 699, otherwise known as Shattered Stars, is a rather safe area with minimal danger. Level 699 is a strange level, with ghostly moans and eerily silence. The terrain is full of floating debris and occasionally the appearance of suns that have been sliced in half. These stars appear from 750-1500 miles away from the debris. when looking at the stars, it will not burn your retinas, but instead remind the user of their past, and before they no-clipped to the backrooms. some travelers claim they see things from their past in the broken buildings and seemingly, family homes of those who found their way into the level. The stars will not burn traveler’s skin, but give them small brown spots on their skin. When touched, those spots feel like leather.

When trying to talk, it is silenced. When trying to write, the written characters are vaporized from existence. Writing that has been created before entering the level stays. Several tests of writing in different languages have been unsuccessful, as all of those characters vaporize. Code language seems to stick, although if evidence of code language being writing, such as a sheet on which letters mean what, they will as too be vaporized. As for video surveillance, video evidence can be made in Level 699, although the sound is removed entirely.

In summary, Level 699 is a level that can lead to the next area with ease. However, this strange place encourages the users choice. Shattered Stars in simply a representation that the levels will start getting harder from here, and will continue to get more intense. Your choice is to either stay below the higher levels, or continue onward.


The Broken

The Broken are tall, dark-greyish humanoid silhouettes with long finger and toes. They float in the open spaces of the area unconscious. Their heads are depicted as cylinders enwrapped in the rest of its "skin". There is currently no clear footage of facial features. Some travelers have even thought of the idea that The Broken are people who stayed in Level 699 too long and were taken.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

No permanent camps have been set up, due to the lack of communication.

Entrances and Exits


Currently, there is no previous level to get in. However when no-clipping through reality while on a floor near Level 699, there is a rare chance you may appear in Shattered Stars.


While at the highest piece of debris you can find, you will feel a strong force pulling you down. Before you jump down, you must remember your past and how you got here. Then, and only then is safe to be dragged down. You will fall into a large red star down below you, and you will wake up in Totally Symmetrical. You will then have to perform a method that has not been confirmed entirely, in order to get to Level 700 (According to Level 700's Bio. I do not own Level 700, so please give credit to the original creator.) If you do not remember your past life before jumping down, then you will become vaporized by the star. Although, there is a extremely rare chance that you will teleport to Level 998.

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