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Picture illustrating the first floor in level 553


Picture illustrating the second floor in level 553


The third and final floor on level 553

Level 533 is the 554th level in the backrooms and is the first poolroom level the poolrooms is rooms that have a large pool in her


The level seems to be peaceful in most reports of people who entered it. The level has large stairs that connect the floors of the level, on the first floor the environment is bright and has windows,the second floor It is still similar to the first floor, the only difference is that the water seems to be getting "toxic". On the third and last floor the environment is dark without windows and it has a horrible rotten smell and the water seems to be getting more and more toxic.

Poolrooms explained

The poolrooms are catalog with being a liminal space category that have a big pool being the "center" of the level. In the backrooms,the poolrooms have the same meaning of the liminal spaces And there are 20 levels known as poolrooms; level 533 to 543

Bases, Outposts and Communities

swimming school

  • For people who cannot swim
  • 12 Professors
  • Since 2015

Poolrooms major base (pmb)

  • main base of pmb
  • peaceful
  • accept trades

Entrances And Exits


The easiest way to get to the poolrooms is by no-clipping In a room on level 2 saying "pool"


Entering a door on the final floor saying "level 2" which leads to level 534

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