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Class 2

  • Secure
  • Mental Hazard
  • No entities


A picture of the hallway from the beginning of the first section. Note the door at the end of the section, which upon opening will lead you to the next section.

Level 209 is the 210th Level of the Backrooms. It appears to be a hallway inside a house.


Level 209 appears to be a singular, infinitely looping hallway, with several windows, a few electrical outlets, and a door at the end of each section, which upon opening, will repeat the level in an infinite loop1. The many windows present in the level show nothing but an infinitely black void on the outside, with no surroundings to be seen. Outlets can also be found near the floor, and are fully functional, as they are able to provide electricity2. However, it is unknown where this electricity is generated from. Upon entering the hallway, if you stumble across the aforementioned door, you might feel an urge to open it. Should you succumb to said urge and proceed to open the door, the level will appear to loop in front of your very eyes and repeat itself once a door is opened. The more doors you open and the further you traverse deep into these infinite hallways, the stronger the urge to open said doors will be. Eventually, you will become addicted to it, so it is advised that you do not open these doors at all costs, no matter how much you may crave for it, and leave as fast as you possibly can.

Staying for too long in the level may cause you to hallucinate several phenomenons, the most common of which include:

  • An odd dark liquid running down the walls, being protruded by an unknown force.
  • The aforementioned door aging rapidly, appearing old and moldy.3
  • The light on the ceiling lamps becoming reddish in color.
  • The carpet becoming moist and moldy, similar to the carpets that consist of the floor of level 0.

As such, wanderers are advised to leave as soon as possible to avoid any incidents. Furthermore, there are no valuable resources present at the level, which makes it unreasonable to stay.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no known bases or outposts on this level, as there is not enough space to maintain a community, and staying for too long may cause permanent mental damage.


It is possible to enter this level by going through one of the rare doors that may appear in level 6. Also, many wanderers have reported arriving here by noclipping in level 208.


If you use a little bit of blunt force, or a weapon/tool of some kind, you may be able to force open the windows or even break them completely.4 Then, it is possible to end up in level 210 by going through. After falling for a few minutes, you will land on the surface of level 210 and be able to see the exit sign leading to the hallways of the level. (Please note that due to the dangerous nature of the darkness inside level 210, it is extremely recommended to immediately proceed forward and not stay in the dark, as you may be attacked by a horde of smilers.)

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