Level 744


Class 4

  • Extremely Unstable
  • Secure
  • Low Entity Count

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Level 744 is the 745th level of the backrooms. This level's base is comprised of a 100 floored, 80's styled hotel. This level discovery's date is on 2/5/2008.

A safe place to stay at the end of the world. Enjoy your stay.


Level 744 appears to be a 80's styled hotel. It has 100 floors. The basic structure of this hotel is of mono-yellow walls, pale red carpets, and tiled roofs with very dim fluorescent lighting. Taking pictures of the level are mostly impossible, unless if in the Debug Room. The time in this level according to clocks is "End of the World", the motto of the hotel being "Enjoy your stay, whilst at the end of the world".

In the level, you will spawn on random floors. You can use elevators to get to other floors, or you can simply noclip because of the level's lagginess.

This level is full of Almond Water. Almond water is always restored every week. In the Lobby, desks and carpets greet you in the room, and into the level. On the main part of the level, which are seen as the hotel rooms, are an array of hallways with rooms filled with a couch, a fridge, LiberTV, a table, and a drawer holding the LiberTV up. Outside the hotel is a labyrinth of blue hallways, which beyond the door, is a barrier, which are noclipable.

Random furniture, such as chairs, couches, tables, and LiberTV can be found in the hallways, as furniture spawns due to corruptions, the furniture usually spawns in the hotel rooms. The reason why the corruption happens is due to how much lag the level holds, or a person leaving the level., in one instance, you can no-clip through walls without any harm.

Currently on floor 12, a strange slowly moving monster that look like a Clump with lots of eyes, and no limbs. A dark wooden door can let you enter the creature. He is near to the bathroom.


Hotel Rooms
-As said in the beginning of the description the rooms are filled with a couch, fridge, table, and a LiberTV. The hotel room structure is same as the hotel, but the room shape is a square. There are windows, only showing "light". The light is mono-yellow like the walls, and emits dimly like the fluorescent lights. Due to the darkness of the room, there are Smilers, but not in harmful quantities, make sure to bring a lamp from the lobby.

-The Bathrooms are not in the Hotel Rooms, they are on floor 12. The bathroom has five rooms, with each room having one toilet. The same mono-yellow walls, dimly lit lights, and pale red carpet. You will know the door to the bathrooms, by it having markings saying "Bathroom".


A very buggy image of the Debug Room.

Debug Room
-This area is a debug room, it has red bricks, on concrete for walls, a oil paint floor and yellow windows, it is very fragile, breaking anything in the Debug Room makes the level laggier, or sometimes make a reboot. This part of the level is the least laggiest as it has a image. This room is unknown where it is, and probably holds the level together. The workers fix the boiler room everyday, just in case the level is unreachable.

Notable Areas
The Fun Room =)
A party looking room infested with Partygoers, it's full of fun (= ! Find us on floor 12 (=!

Entity Infested Floors
-On floors 10-14 is home to one entity, resources are more common on here than there is on a normal floor.

The Lobby
-The Lobby is a room with pale-red carpet, mono yellow walls, and tiled roof. Barngy Workers that sit behind the desk can help you with any hotel-related problem. The staff will give you a lamp just in case of Smilers. They are on floor 1, and probably the first floor you'll see.

TV room
-The TV room is home to LiberTV and chairs, this is the area of the level with the most humans.. They are adding ads to LiberTV so they can advertise their level. The TV room with a white room with some desks, and sometimes computers are on the desk. The TV room is located on floor 99.

The Cafe
-The cafe is a 80's styled cafe lit with dim lighting. A window on the side of the cafe displaying nature can be found. There are two tables in the cafe, and a counter with a menu. The only option or options on the menu are Almond Water, such as Coconut Flavor.
Here is a list of all the flavors you can get:

  • Regular
  • Snow Cold
  • Coconut
  • Royal Ration

This room is located on floor 50.

Gary's Room
-Gary's room is at Floor 100. He is a simple man controlling the hotel, he is currently tying to fix the glitches in the hotel, but some limits try to stop it. Rumor says Gary found this level by noclipping from level 0.

Memory Lane
-Memory Lane, is a infinite school hallway full of memories in the lockers, and on the pictures. Memory Lane's structure is the same for all, but the memories are different. You can get here by wandering around the halls. You can live in these halls, there are lots of resources. Lots of pictures can be found, sadness is here.

-When corruptions happen, it is due because someone left the level, and their room behind, the furniture is placed randomly somewhere in the hallways.

-Level Reboots are when the debug room explodes. This happens very rarely, as the hotel workers try to stop the boiler room from exploding. But if it does, some people will be sent to a random level, maybe discovering new ones. And some will be an Adult Faceling.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Barngy Workers
The Hotel Workers can give resources and will clean up the hotel. They are not aggressive, they can give you your needs. This group is on floor one.

The Peoples
Praise it, it will save us. It does not know between friend and prey. It is intelligent to save us. It is saving us from the backrooms.
It does not know between friend and prey.
It does not know between friend and prey.
It does not know between friend and prey.

The Helena Federation Base 3
Due to the lack of information, we do not have much knowledge of the federation. We do know that they have traveled to other levels, and experimented on entities. They first resided in Level 11, the Helena Federation's goal is to exterminate the backrooms of anything. They are a minor federation as of now.

Entrances and Exits

  • Any door labeled "BARNGY HOTEL" on levels 94-744, will lead you here.
  • You can exit by going in a door that seemingly leads to nowhere, that will lead you to an undiscovered level.
  • Any mono-yellow sign you will be lead to Level 0.
  • You can enter the Creature on floor 12, you will be lead to The Hive.
  • Go back from the door that lead you here, will lead you to levels 10-16.
  • Entering a party room and becoming one of us will lead you to a party =).
  • You can find a building that says "Barngy Hotel" in Level 11.

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