We are a group of both people and entitys
And we have two goals
one is to kill evrey hostile entity
and the other is to make a permanent exit from the backrooms

we accept all survivors willing to join and the ones who are experts will be signed to team red hand team red hand is a team
made of entitys and Survivors

each member will be heavely loaded with a heavy armor and a flame thrower and other consumable supplies also they will have a HOWL as a dog of some kind and a Commander each team is made of 7 members 5fighters one HOWL and a Commander

the five fighter must at least have survived level (6) for a week and manged to kill five CLUMPS And Two SKIN Steelers or have got passed level 999 to level 1001

They will be tasked with to dangerous missions such as attacking LEVEL HIVE
Saving people on level (8) or level (3)
And eliminating any hostile entity in the way

Also we have other teams for other tasks such as metal hand MH a team that consists of engineers that are developing high tech machinery or black hand a highly trained team for very important and secret missions and many more

This group do not have a specific leader do to high numbers of members that is estimated to be almost 731 there is a court who invites people to vote for the next dissigeon

The group was made by an unknown man
Who reffers to him self as BELKA very little is know about him and he rearly comes to the base unless he have a important thing to do it is said the he made it out of Level 999 many times and he Made his own poket dimension only he can inter it by nocliping throw anything he wants
HOW the group was made is also highly classified

YOU : Can join us by just staying alive for long enough our base is on a LEVEL called Negative Root of five yes that math breaking number and do not worry we will bring you there this level is like an infinite grass land no entitys are present other than farmer facelings who lives at old farm houses they will agree to share crops and almond water with you and maybe even to live with them although sadly this level is made of sections section one is a circle that is approximately 10 miles this is we're every one else lives the next section is a section that is 1KM in diameter and any one who gets into it will start to lose his sanity this is prohibited and there is guarded by the 2nd hand team the last circle is classified and it is impossible to reach

The founder of this group BELKA was a math professor who nocliped after finding the square root of negative numbers

Also we have many allies such as the BNTG MEG Homley Hotel and many others

This was our first entry so other info will be added soon and we hope that you will survive

NOTE : This was written by the GreyHand wrighters in order to uncover this group

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