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Do you fear finality?

I'm sure you may do, and if the simple, and admittedly broad, question doesn't initially strike even a healthy dousing of worry into yourself, then maybe the idea of death does. Death is inherently final, at least in most instances. People can, and have, returned from a state of post-mortem both in the reality we know as our normal, and the real world. Maybe the fear of finality, the final conversation you may have with someone, the final hug or kiss you may give to a loved one, the final breath you'll ever emit from your lungs, all of that scares you because… you'd naturally not want to stop any of those things, yet the inherent fact of life most succumb to is that there is always a final something. A final goodbye, a final gift to give to someone, a final time you will be somewhere.

I'm here to tell you otherwise.

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Bottomless Blue is the base of the Blue Channel. A place once thought either entirely inaccessible, or simply a non-existent, imaginary concept.

Being a rather wasteland-esc location, all visible matter that comprises the level is made of long dead, extinct levels and scenes that decayed away out in the void of the rest of the Blue Channel. Comprised of a wide mixture of outdoor and indoor environments of various time periods, locations, and designs. Sitting and rotting in various states of decay.

The Bottomless Blue is a place of great importance, at least to myself. The land I find myself in is such an oddity to my eyes. A place of great waste, where the locales that had previously run their course end up. It feels… finite. A seemingly permanent resting place for these long expired, liminal marvels. From wandering this plane, there's a few things I've been able to deduce about it.

The ground is comprised of layers upon layers of dense stone, mud, concrete, natural & factory wood, and other materials that corporeal, standard levels will typically be comprised of. Buildings, rooms, and whole outdoor environments stack precariously together. Overtime, the weight pressed upon the lower portions causes it to crush and meld together. Creating a hard, dense material at any depth below 15km.

It's hard to understate the beauty of such a graveyard, somewhere usually so depressing, miserable, and… a reminder of finality. As far as anyone is concerned, a necropolis-like location is where all of us will one day arrive to. Either burned into a crisp ash or buried under the dirt and stone you so happily plant your feet into now.

To act bluntly in my truth, such an obvious notion was something that feared me

To imagine my own body
My own figure, frame and mass.

To imagine it being so heartlessly burned or buried is a truly mortifying, heartdropping thought to wrap my head around.

Recovered levels

Overtime, the M.E.O.D., and the previous individual M.E.G., have recorded and documented a fair number of Levels, sublayers, and enigmatic levels that have either gone missing, or are known to have been destroyed. While not all of these locales have been found within the Bottomless Blue, examples of those locations that have been are:

  • The plain starting room of an old variant of Level 29 has been located within the Bottomless Blue. Before ending up here, Level 29 was a simple room. The walls were painted salmon, the floor was of a wooden laminate, and there were room decorations akin to 21st century design. In August of 2022, an anonymous individual had arrived at Base Alpha on Level 1. According to them, they had fled from a rapidly deteriorating hallway on floor 2 of Level 29. They arrived in Level 0, and tracked the M.E.O.D. to Level 1 to describe the scenario. After attempting to enter Level 29 from Level 28 (Level 29's original entrance) proved unsuccessful, the previous Level 29 was deemed destroyed.
    • Currently, the main room of this Level 29 sits on a field of purple grass. The furniture has been overturned and tossed from the force of the collision, and the rest of the rooms that Level 29 was recorded to once contain have seemingly gone missing. Most likely separate parts of the level only connected via painting noclipping.
  • A previous incarnation of Level 32. While documented now as a forest decorated with toy, plastic skeletons. It was previously recognised as "Entertainland", and occupied a simple 200 meter by 200 meter space. Within that space lay a rather simple amusement park, with carnival games and a theorised infinite roller coaster. In 2022, all entrances that had previously been catalogued on Level 11 ceased to function due to all plushies disappearing. No new entrances had been found since, and at the formation of the M.E.O.D. the following year, Level 32 was annexed was the normal level list. With the then PA102 being given that slot.
    • Today, the previous Level 32 resides in the Bottomless Blue. Though 140 meters of it is buried under a continually stacked array of British mansions. Rendering that portion inaccessible. The only accessible areas today are a few carousels, ring toss carnival games, and a roller coaster called "Mr. Bones' wild ride!".
  • While there have been various incarnations of a Level 42 submitted to the Major Extended Organisation Database, the only expired incarnation found within the Bottomless Blue was the second listing of it. In this form, Level 42 was a mere waiting room. There were no catalogued exits, besides a possible chance to enter Level 998. At the time of its demise in 2015, there were two confirmed occupants of the space. They were former Kalag Institute members, and had voluntarily placed themselves to try figure out about the deaths on that Level. However, any and all communications ceased on 01/04/151, and when more Kalag members tried a partial noclip to check on them in Level 2, Level 42 was gone entirely. Replaced only by The Blue Channel.
    • This waiting room sits in a large, boiling volcano as of current documentation. Due to the distance between safely traversable rock and Level 42 itself, it's practically impossible to reach the area with the current equipment. From what can be seen, though, the east-side of the Level is submerged in the magma. The polystyrene ceiling and plaster walls on the adjacent end seem to have cracked and broken overtime. From what's visible, a reception area doused in sweets is covered in debris and dust, with a stack of chairs in a defensive formation in front of the lava also visible.
  • The first recorded version of Level 99 is a location discovered some 2km away from the previous Level 32. The previous Level 99 was a mere hallway, with distant lights that were a form of harmful entity. Being able to engulf an individual in their light. The previous Level 99 had gone missing in 2019, when all communication between a B.N.T.G. recourse collection team was suddenly severed with the main base on Level 1. Afterwards, the recorded entrance that was on Level 34 was severed too. Becoming a direct access to The Blue Channel for approximately three days before closing up entirely.
    • In it's current state, the previous Level 99 sits 90 degrees on the Y axis. Precariously balanced and wedged into a large patch of grass from another decayed level. It is possible to climb up the hallway with proper equipment, as such things like have that been tried in the past. However this is considered as something extremely dangerous to do, mainly due to the lack of supports for climbing and the precariousness of the way the previous Level 99 is balanced.

I've travelled these dead lands a lot in my time, I feel myself to be rather knowledgeable about what's here. Or well, at least the miniscule fraction of the much grander space that I've been lucky enough to inhabit. I've resided in this terra for who knows how long, the only indicator of time I have is that I've lived here for long enough for my memories of arriving here to have elapsed their lifespan, and now float around in my brain as distant memories. It seems that even my own thoughts die too, everyone's does, at least eventually.

You know, once I figured out the true nature and scope of where I was, I will admit I felt rather terrified. It's impossible for me to recall all my thoughts for something that happened so long ago now, but the feeling of a strange, liminal panic is a sensation that stuck with me long enough to remember it today. The sight of long-dead levels being visible to my own mortal eye for as far as I could see… it terrified me. I was stood in a graveyard for universes, a constant reminder of mortality.

No one wants to die, at least I certainly hope no one would. At a time the idea of dying seemed so outlandish, but the idea is as absurd as it is true for everyone. We are all mortal, we start, we end, and for a lot of people that's it. We have one shot, and out of the billions and trillions of years that any universe will exist, us living things get to experience it for only a fraction of time before being uncaringly tossed back into non-existence.

Once upon a time I had panics about this very thought, the unknowingness of if there is anything after death terrified me. A thought that persisted during my time in The Frontrooms. It's funny, actually, one would think that such thoughts would dissipate upon arriving in The Backrooms. I've read about The Grave, I've dreamed about Level 826 in previous spouts of slumber, and one with logical thought may determine that reading about precise afterlife's would remove that worry.

However, those thoughts persisted.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.O.D. exploration

On the 17th March, 2033, the M.E.O.D. officially set

Base/Outpost/Community B

Short description of the Base/Outpost/Community

Entrances And Exits

Add any entrances and exits to other levels.


If there are no entrances please write : "There is no known way to get to this level for now".


If there are no exits please write: "There is no known way to leave this level for now.", though usually people can leave whence they came.

You know, when I first arrived here. I recall being being in such a state. Previously, I had fallen from the very edges of a Level known to myself as Level 999. The trek I had taken there was… far too arduous for me to even desire to explain and detail, and is not what my letters here are about.

I woke up in the abyssal tropical hellscape, greeted by visions and messages that had plagued my once dehydrated and famished head. As a place I had only read mere documentations about, I was not ready for what Level 999 had to offer me. In a frenzied panic, I ran. I tripped on a rock sheepishly buried in the charcoal sands, spiralling and tumbling down and off Level 999. From what my eyes had soaked from previous intensive readings, I'd merely be saved via miraculous level logic, teleported to the top of the island.[[/size]]

Yet, such a thing never occurred

For instead?
I fell.

As if to be some cruel, bitter reminder of my failure, the fluke chance continued me to fall. Eventually, the black void faded to blue, and other levels and far off buildings were in my peripheral. It was clear where I had reached, and that for whatever reason, gravity was still pulling me down what I'd know as the "Blue Channel". I continued to fall, seeing the boxes and shapes of the exterior of other levels.

How long was I falling?
How far had I gone?
How much longer would this falling last?
Would this fall kill me?
Would my fear have to be faced like this?

All questions that would be answered for myself, just in due time.

Even if metaphorical lifetimes felt as though they had passed whilst I fell, eventually I felt a sudden thud upon my back. The sudden impact on what seemed to be solid ground felt surprisingly soft and familiar. To concentrate on this event for my own documentation, I can faintly recall the sudden feeling of confusion and disorientation. "What did I hit?" "Was I dead?" "Where am I?" I sat up, surveying the scopes and settings around my ocular. I saw that I was sat on the coast of a rather large island. Complete with a muddy, clear ocean devoid of waves or movement, resembling built up rain water more than it did an ocean body.

Surely at this point I was dead, or at least in some dream-like subconcious I had forged myself during my eternal falls. I remember panicking at the very notion of being dead, the fact that I had transcended into something beyond my knowledge, with no prospect of returning to my previous material plane. These thoughts worried me, terrified me, and were on the very of traumatising me had they persisted.

Then, a cow licked my face.

Despite my overlapping memories, such a briefly frightening, yet also entertaining act done by the sole resident of where I was immediately dispelled my thoughts. Curiously, I turned my head to the cow. And in a similar state of curiosity and bewilderment, the cow mooed to me.

What a treasure that creature was to find.

I ponder how such a thing could've ever arrived in a setting such as this.

I knew I could only ponder for so long.

I knew that eventually the slight bliss brought forth onto me by this bovine companion would wash off, leaving me just as petrified and still as I was previously.

Surprising even my own judgement of my character, I rose myself up. Ready to tackle and traverse whatever I was in, I marched to the azure tinted waves of water, not even hesitating a second to dive into their depths and swim outwards. While a rather foolish idea in retrospect, this dip into the liquids turned out to go in my favour. As within just a few minutes, I had reached the edge of a once infinite-looking ocean. Arriving at the edge, I was able to stand myself on some smaller islands. Greeted with a large view of the new locale I was now exacted to settle within.

The island I myself was on was being stood upon a plinth, manufactured out of a stack of seemingly hundreds of thousands of black and yellow automobiles, somehow being formed and stacked in such a way that held the island that myself and the cattle were on. While the collection of crushed vehicles being a throne for floating land was a perplexing sight in its own right, what I looked out to next was much more of a shock.

The terrain below is something I've already described. I was greeted with an ultimate location necropolis, acres and acres of levels from long bygone eras. Levels forgotten by people, levels stripped of their individuality, their personality, their quirks. Left as nothing more than a husk in a place no one dare or know to visit. I could see a near endless, far stretching barn turned on its side, a never-ending canyon strip which seemed to have a crudely toppled over hyperloop trainline resting across its topology, and the interior to an old, far abandoned industrial factory with visible mould caking the parts of the inside that could be visible through countless holes in its fractured ceiling.

Thank you,
Bottomless Blue

Level 890 Rewrite


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I gotta show them-

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