Level 457
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Class Varied

  • Changing Safety
  • Unpredictable Security
  • Fluctuating Entity Count

A representation of Level 457 from the outside.


Level 457 is a large, rotating set of 27 boxes. Each room, from an exterior position, measures 15mx15mx15m1. The exteriors of this Level, while never having been witnessed, are presumed to be constructed from various industrial metals and alloys.

Level 457 operates not too dissimilar from a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube, whereby on a periodic basis, around every 72 hours, boxes will shift. These movements will shuffle the rooms one face at a time, creating around 40-60 edits to the placement of the boxes over the course of 30-40 minutes. These edits move and function like a Rubik’s Cube, where the centre cube of each face remains in the same space, and the surrounding boxes are moved. Unlike a standard Rubik’s Cube, however, there is an extra square that lays in the middle of the entire outer structure. This middle room is where all entrances to Level 457 lead to and is the only euclidian room of Level, as well as the only room not subjected to rotation.

The way the rooms shift and turn is mostly a mystery, however judging by the noises that occur during rotations, as well as analysis with stethoscopes and sound equipment, it can be concluded that the shifting of these cubed happens via gears and clockwork rotations. When each room shifts, there is strangely no change in gravity for neither the wanderer or the space one may inhabit. At most, there have been recorded shakes of Level 457 happening at the times of rotation akin to a somewhat severe earthquake.

Each of the 27 locations are held in these boxes, with the interior of said boxes possessing non-euclidian abilities to be able to hold the oftentimes vast landscapes within them. While the spaces within the cubes are inherently bigger on the inside, the measurements of each location within the cubes are all multiples of 15, meaning that the space inside each cube is multiplied bigger.

Level 457 was not initially known to be a collection of what are essentially 29 sub-levels, instead, the levels were listed as PA(Pending Approval) 118 through to 147 as more witness accounts of the different sublevels started to surface. The realisation that all of these PA Levels existed within the same space only became apparent once documentation on the Centre Location, then known as PA118, had been completed. Over the course of 5 arduous years, Level 457's 29 sub-levels were documented to the best work of the M.E.O.D.

Listed below is a separate entry for each room, divided depending on what area on the face of each cube they sit.


Class 0

  • {$one}
  • {$two}
  • {$three}

A corner of the centre box.


The Centre Location of Level 457 is a plain and empty, measuring 15mx15mx15m. It is dimly lit, possessing nothing more than a few dim halogen lights to illuminate the space. Unlike most other areas within Level 457, the Centre Location is entirely devoid of entities.

As well as being devoid of entities, the whole room lacks any form of furniture as a whole. Save for four doors and two trapdoors that are used to reach the six 'Middle Locations'. The floor is a smooth yet basic and matte marble, with the walls being simple brick coated in plaster. Though this location lacks in furniture, many organisations have left markings or drawings on the walls of this area to guide wanderers. Each door or trapdoor is labelled with the location that it enters, the floor around the trapdoor to Gazing has a spray-painted compass which labels north, east, south and west, and there are also other messages left on paper and in books from other wanderers. Warning or advising those about what locations are through what doors.

Despite what level a wanderer may come from to enter Level 457, all individuals who do wind up in this level will always arrive within in the Centre Location. All entering persons will appear directly in the middle of this location, and will fall around 3-4 meters depending on one's height.

Bases, Communities And Outposts

There are no known bases, communities or outposts on this level, as all other groups who have established themselves within Level 457 have opted to move into other locations within the level for better supplies.

Entrances And Exits:


The Centre Location can be reached either from any of the Middle Locations. Those areas being:

  • Hush Pool
  • Piped Caves
  • Looped Foods
  • Light Blasts
  • Gazing
  • Manufacturers of Decay

Alternatively, the Centre Location is accessed from the levels stated below in the main portion of this article. Those levels being:


As stated above, the Centre Locations exits to all Middle Locations. As the Middle Locations are in fixed positions, the location in which one ends up in remains constant. Entering into the north door leads to Hush Pool, the east door leads to Piped Caves, the south door to Looped Foods, the west door leads to Light Blasts, the floor trapdoor takes one to Gazing, and the ceiling trapdoor leads to Manufacturers of Decay.

Due to the height of the ceiling, it is practically impossible to reach the entrance to Manufacturers of Decay without extra aid. Devices such as ladders have previously been set up and placed to reach the Manufacturers of Decay, however all attempts to give access have been broken or damaged when one enters Level 457 itself.

Entrances And Exits:


During a structural shift event in Level 444, if the reorganisation of the level happens to clip with your body, there is a small chance the interaction will clip ones self into this level.

Another alternative to entry is to complete a Rubix Cube in Level 389 away from the presence of The Game Master. Doing such will cause the cube to shake and teleport to Level 457, bringing whoever is holding it with them.

Other more traditional ways of entry are by finding doorways in Level 729, finding a section of the floor within Level 333 that can be noclipped into, finding a trapdoor in the server room areas of Level 120, and finding and entering an old box of toys within The Insulation.


The only exit to the level is within the final room of Level 457, one only connected to the corner location known as "The Marshy Wastes". Depending on what one opts to interact with, individuals will exit to the levels mentioned in the section about the Garden. The list of levels one can enter, however, are as follows:

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