Stranger is a rarerly appearing, mysterious and creepy entity who looks like a kidnapper from horror stories, creepypastas and cursed images because of his classic, early 20th century style and his weird looking bodyshape. Also Strangers behaviours such as mysterious and creepy with their styles, because they have weird habits that can unconfortable wanderers. So Stranger is completely mysterious and creepy entity.

HABITATS: Level 4, Level 6, Level 9, Level 18, Level 69.

You can see Friendly Strangers in Level 4 where the all people and colonies meeting at random place, Strangers watching people a bit far away. Or randomly lonely at corridors or corners.

At Level 6 and Level 9 it's rarerly to being following by Stranger any time any place. You can't see Stranger while he following you but you can feel it.

At Level 18, Stranger can be found at children park with holding a red balloon and waiting for wanderers. But it's extremely rare to found him at Level 18.

At Level 69, you can see Stranger while he walking side of the road. But it's extremely rare too.


Friendly Strangers is very calm and relax. İt's no matter whats happening in their area, they don't care about nothing. So you can imagine how calm and relax they are. They just wanna trade with wanderers. Strangers usually likes weird things, trivia, old nostalgic items and collection parts. You can give them these things if you wanna trade with them, but they don't trade if you haven't got these items and no one knows why.

Dangerous Strangers very calm and relax too but their behaviours is diffirent. Dangerous Strangers can be found in Level 6 and Level 9 which is the most dangerous and hard levels. They following alone wanderers for a long time and while they following wanderers, there is no entities. Entities disappearing from wanderers area, so Stranger and wanderer being alone at this time. Keep that in your mind, if you can't see any entities at Level 6 and Level 9 for a long time, that means you are being following by Stranger entity… After a long time passed away by Stranger following his victim, Stranger appear in front of wanderer and hunting down his victim in seconds.

Kidnapper Strangers behaviour is diffirent kind of Stranget Entity. They can be found in Level 18 at children park with a red balloon they holding and waiting for wanderers, so his victims. But it's extremely rare to find him because Level 18 is an safe level. Kidnapper Strangers offer an trade to wanderers, and if wanderer accept their offer, Stranger kidnap them and start running away from there so fastly. Community thinks that Stangers can wander around the levels and maybe they can Noclip, but there wasn't any evidence.

Chill Strangers can be found extremely rare in level 69 while walking left side of the road. This Strangers doesn't afraid from the cars. They just chillin' and walking straight and no one knows whats their point. They just walking straight. İf you try to contact or communicate them or disturbing them, they just disappearing from there.


Strangers bodyshape is like Slenderman. Very tall and thin man. Also they have no face, their face and their body is completely pure black. They have long thin fingers and sharp claws that helpful for Strangers to murder their victims, and especially their large and shapeless mouth and sharp teeths. But their mouth only seen when they hunting down their victims.


Strangers first reported at Level 9 by a wanderer who was following by a Stranger. Wanderer said there seems no one, just sometimes his shadow only you can see. but you can feel someone following you, and while it following you there was no one including other entities, it just you and it. Luckily wanderer can find his way and transported another level safely.

And after this reported, a few weeks ago another wanderer reported Stranger at Level 4. Wanderer said there was an very tall and mysterious entity at Level 4's corridors. Entity isn't attacking anyone and open for trade. That's a good news for Level 4 but it can't talk, he communicate with Sign Language.


- Strangers loves to see their victims being so unconfortable and scared. So if you stay calm, then you have chance to survive.

- Strangers doesn't like lights. So they can't reach to bright places. You can wait in most brightest place that you ever go. İt's hard to find a place like that in Level 6 and Level 9, but it's a good way to survive and espace from Stranger.


- Never being so scared because Stranger loves scared victims and hunting them more quickly than calm victims.

- Never look at your back or trying to find Strangers. İf you do that, Stranger knows that you know it following you and then hunts down you in seconds.

- Never try to run away from Strangers.

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