Level 297 - "The Testing Grounds"

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Class 4

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Only picture ever taken of level 297. The photographer remains unidentified.

Level 297 is the 298th Level of the Backrooms. It consists of an endless, flat plain of dying grass and, sometimes, holes in the ground.


Level 297 contains no visible light sources. This level is full of Almond Water hidden in the grass and holes in the ground, but it is not advised to come here. This level is full of entities and has no hiding places. The only escapes from danger are the many holes scattered along the ground, but these holes may lead to anywhere from Level 8 to Level 432.

This level is shrouded in darkness; the only light sources are flashlights and brought in by wanderers. The darkness of this level makes it difficult for entities to see you, so keeping lights off is advised. There is no visible sky in this level, yet it is theorized that if you find a way to take yourself to the top, you'll reach the end of the level, and possibly even an exit that leads back to the frontrooms, but it has not been confirmed yet.

Some entities of this level are currently undocumented for the time being, but we are currently researching the creatures.

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Entrances And Exits


Clipping through Level 0, Level 1, or Level 4 can lead you to Level 297.

Jumping into a ditch in Level 10 can take you to Level 297.

Breaking through the ceiling of Level 8 will bring you to Level 297.


Clipping through the ground can take you to Level 0, Level 2, or Level 10.

Climbing into a hole in the ground can lead you to Level 8, Level 10, Level 34, Level 75, Level 181, or Level 432.

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