Level 243
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Class E

  • Unsecure
  • Hostile Environment
  • Medium Entity Count

An artist's depiction of the main area in Level 243.

Level 243 is the 244th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 12/14/2020.


Level 243 is a level consisting of a massive, grey, rocky wasteland which is made from several types of stone and minerals and is believed to be inside of a massive hollow mountain. Many materials and minerals can be found in this level. Rarely, colorful gems and crystals can be found in the level, such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, etc.

Level 243 contains many pillars of rock which reach all the way from the top of the level to the bottom of the level. It is believed that these pillars are the main reason the supposed hollow mountain does not entirely collapse on itself. Level 243 has a stable amount of space within the level, as it has been proven to have a very rough, circle-shaped edge. It is estimated that the level contains about 7,000 square kilometers of ground. By looking off into the distance in this level, you will usually only see darkness, as the level is very dark and very large. Smaller openings and small caves can be found in this level, often with large, connected cave systems. The caves and small areas of this level can be especially useful for building homes or outposts.


Photo of a small area in Level 243, taken by a M.E.G. explorer.

Level 243 tends to make wanderers feel hopeless or lost while traveling through the level. This is most likely due to this level's vast dark and empty nature. Faint water droplets falling and distant roars can be heard on occasion in this level, but it is unknown where the roars are coming from.

Small pools of non-pure Almond Water can be found in Level 243, but this is rare. There are a few types of entities throughout this level, such as: Clumps, Reviooks, and Death Rats.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

The Trolls of Level 243

The Trolls of Level 243 are a group of wanderers that like to collect resources from Level 243.

  • They take in helpless, weak, or lost, wanderers and make them join the group.
  • They are usually hostile, but can be negotiated with.
  • They will attack anyone who aggravates them, breaks rules, steals, or acts suspiciously.
  • The Death Rats are friendly towards the group, and it is believed that this is because the sheer amount of time that the group has lived in the level has caused the rats to view them as fellow entities.1
  • The group has been in Level 243 since its discovery, and most likely longer than that.
  • They have a population of around 100 people.
  • If they are attacking someone that seems threatening to them,2 they will attack using many group members at once, like a horde.
  • They are called the trolls due to their hostile nature.
  • They do not seem to have any actual group name.
  • The group has been confirmed to have a leader, however, the leader has not been seen by the public and is very mysterious due to this.
  • The group has a sort of informal hierarchy, in which the more powerful members are usually higher ranks in the group.
  • The group seems to be similar to that of a cult, following their higher-ups no matter what, and even sacrificing their lives for the group.


The level can be very dangerous and difficult to navigate, since parts of the level frequently collapse, which can cause parts of the level to collapse onto wanderers, killing them in the process. The common collapsing of this level also makes the level difficult to navigate, as paths traveled can become blocked off or change entirely.

Strange shadowy portals can also sometimes be found in this level. These portals will seemingly inch their way towards wanderers, however they can easily be outran, as they are very slow. If you are caught off-guard by one of these portals and enter it, you will be transported to a very different location in Level 243, making this level even more difficult to navigate.

Unfortunately, while those portals are quite easy to get away from, there is a rare chance of encountering a much worse form of them. On rare occasion, glowing red portals can appear. These portals are very fast, traveling at an estimated speed of 25 km/h. The only way to avoid these portals is by running as soon as you hear them, as they emit a constant loud screeching noise that can be heard from about 50 meters away. Typically, once this type of portal is in your line of sight, it is very unlikely that you will survive.

If wanderers are traveling in groups for extended periods of time in this level, they will often be separated. The way that wanderers are usually separated is via the wanderers losing sight of each other, then immediately being sent seamlessly into separate areas of the level.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 243 Can be entered by falling into a snow pit in The Mountain Village. Entering Level 243 on purpose is very difficult.


Clipping through a wall in Level 243 will lead to Level -6. Level 243 can also be exited by finding an opening in the mountain, where you will have to no-clip through a cliff, into Level 0.3

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