Level 182
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Class Ψ

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Mental Hazard


An image taken of a wanderers surroundings in Level 182

Level 182 is the 183rd Level of the Backrooms. This level is deadly if you are in it for an extended period of time.


Level 182 is a highly dangerous level but completely devoid of entities. This is due to everything in the level such as its, walls, floors, ceilings, and most objects and people appearing as static. Static is a display of ambient waves that a television antenna picks up whilst it looks for a signal. This was common to see on older televisions. The extent of level 182 is unknown due to the danger of wandering the level. Although the extent is unknown, it is documented that the level's halls are the exact same dimensions as level 0's. The walls, floors, and ceiling of level 182 are solid and can be used as a way to gauge your surroundings if you are in the lesser stages of the effects of the level's ambiance.

There is also an ambiance to this level. A quiet, literally maddening sound, reminiscent of white noise, just like static coming from a radio or television speaker. However, this is not exactly like regular and safe white noise, because this will drive the wanderer mad in a matter of hours. This is highly dangerous to the wanderer because it makes navigation difficult and exiting nearly impossible. The ambiance will gradually get louder the longer that is spent in the level. Even if the wanderer does escape, the ambiance will continue to ring in the wanderer's ears for the remainder of the wanderer's time in the backrooms.

Another important detail is that the longer the wanderer spends in Level 182 the more progressively unsafe the static becomes. The exact times are unknown but popular estimations are as follows.

  • First ~30 min - Static is quiet and can easily be tuned out.
  • ~30 - ~1h - Static begins to become annoying and depending on the wanderer, can cause some pain.
  • ~1h - ~2h - Most wanderers will begin to feel pain and some confusion.
  • ~2h - ~4h - Hallucinations of shapes and patterns forming on the walls, floor, and ceiling will become common.
  • ~4h - ~5h - Signs of hysteria, eardrum rupture, weakness, hallucinations (hallucinations will begin to tap into the wanderer's fears), and in rare cases vomiting up innards can occur. This is where people are normally considered too far gone.
  • ~5h and beyond - The wanderer will begin to suffer from blood loss from eardrum rupture, weakness will render the wanderer immobile, and hallucinations will begin to warp the wanderer's surroundings. Eventual death from blood loss is imminent.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the progressive mental danger in Level 182, it's impossible to establish bases, outposts, or communities.

Entrances And Exits


There is only one confirmed entrance and that is through Level 12. Whilst the wanderer is in Level 12 there is a chance to find an old television displaying the static seen in Level 182. Attempting to change the channel on the television by turning one of the dials will bring the wanderer to level 182.

It is also believed that using the computer in The End can bring the wanderer to Level 182. This is thought to be done by opening the command prompt and typing the command “C:\Users\Wanderer\Levels\182\Level_182.bat”. Although running this command asks for administrator permissions. How to obtain these permissions is currently unknown.


There is a minuscule chance to find a remote laying on the ground. This remote has an OFF button, an ON button, and a keypad with numbers from 0 to 9. Clicking one of these buttons on the keypad and then the ON button will instantly bring the wanderer to the corresponding level. This remote is the only object in the level that does not appear as static.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you happen to find the remote, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU PRESS THE OFF BUTTON. This will instantly stop all ambiance but the wanderer will fall through the floor and begin to free fall in a black void and will be stuck in infinite limbo. There is no escape.

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