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Level 345 is the 346th level of the Backrooms, this level look like a never ending edge of town. It was discovered by an anonymous user during 12/28/2021.


Level 345 look like the edge of a big city residential area, it is stipulated that it's from somewhere in Europe. Level 345 has a day/nigh cycle of 16 hours, having 6 day hours and 10 night hours, normal temperatures here go up to 16°C/60.8°F during the day and reaching a low of 4°C/39.2°F so warm cloths are advised.

This level has mostly 3 floored buildings to witch most are open, most of this buildings are poorly furnished and in rare cases they will be completely empty. Sometimes mini marts of an unknown brand will appear from time to time, this mini marts are fully stocked and it has been noted that they restock every 8 days. The anonymous user reported that staying after closing hours was not a good idea, because entities would spawn inside the shops and you wouldn't be able to leave until morning.

Other types of buildings have been seen, such as: electronic shops, churches, warehouses, parks and bridges. Most of this places close down 3 hours after nightfall.

Bridges that are found on this level are noted to be over gaps that appear to be black voids. It is unknown if they lead to another level or are just certain death

The weather can also change from day to day, only doing so during daybreak

  • Clear skies: this is the most common weather, your average sunny days
  • Cloudy skies: this weather lowers the day temperature and also signals that the next day will be raining.
  • Rainy days: during this time, the day and night temperatures will decrease significantly, and, there will be a chance of snowing if it has been raining for more than 3 days. It is advised to not go out unless you have an umbrella or any other means of staying dry to avoid hypothermia.
  • Cashew rains: this is one of the rarest weathers, replacing the rainy days from time to time, cashew water will rain from the sky, making the day entities hostile for the entirety of the day. It is advised to stay indoors during this time to avoid the Wretched cycle and the entities.
  • Thunderstorms: during a thunderstorm, lightning will strike the roads, but won't leave any trace of it and, it will also be windy, during nighttime, there will be increased chances of finding a Lightning in a Bottle during nighttime.
  • Foggy: the fog days are weird at best, strange figures can be seen in the fog, and if you try to get closer, they will run deeper into the fog, it is unclear if this are real or an effect that the Level 345 has over the wanderer

Level 345 has an unusual high amount of facelings, being one of the only entities roaming this level, other entities are hounds and Elevators. Facelings usually roam during the day but disapear an hour after nightfall, this facelings will then be replaced by Shadow Facelings, Hounds seem to be afected by 'The 11 Effect' during the day, they're most often seen walking with facelings with leaches on their necks, after nightfall, however, this leaches will vanish and they will grow hostile. Elevators will rarely apear inside buildings.


Nighttime on this level is dangerous, the low temperatures and the amount of entities makes it hard to explore during this time of the day, but it can be very rewarding, on the streets one can find weapons and other objects can be found on the streets.
It is posible to find cars on the streets at night, but only the ones with the headlights on work properly.

Bases, Outpost and Communities

There are no outposts on this level as of yet.

Entrances and Exits


To enter Level 345, you need to find and Elevator with no buttons and wait a minute inside of it. This could happen on any levels on witch Elevators may apear.


To exit Level 345 you can go back into the Elevator you just came in, this will leave you on the level you came from, you can also find another Elevator to get out, just press the button of the level you wish to go.
It is possible to find cars with the lights on during the night, if you enter and drive in a straight line, for an hour, you will be taken to Level 69
Warehouses can lead to Level 1 or other levels that look like it.
There's also a train line that will appear from time to time, entering one of the trains will transport you to The Metro.

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