Free Traders of the Backrooms (FTB)

Who are the Free Traders of the Backrooms?:



The Free Traders of the Backrooms, or F.T.B is a Faction made by fellow wanderers, like yourself fed up with those at the B.N.T.G. Our founders created this association roughly two years ago to allow traders to be free of the regulations of various other trade guilds. Here, you operate under your own rules, not the rules of some big guy. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well, it isn't. Wondering what you need to join? Only, ambition and goods to trade. Come visit us on level 230.

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Here is the list of events that have happened in The F.T.B that are not in order:

"No listed entries."- Con. Omega Delta

List of F.T.B Information:

F.T.B Leaders:

  • While the identity of our leaders remains classified, we can tell you we are led by The Board of Directors. Please contact Constituent Omega Delta for clearance.

F.T.B Headquarters:

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