Entity 963 - "Peaceful_Virus"

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The Wanderer of Legend

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The Wanderer of Legend

Entity number: 963

Habitat: Any device

Entity 963 is a file type with the name: "Peaceful.exe". Anyone who has this file will have it copy itself faster and turn it into an app that puts smileys in emojis. If you click on it, you will see a blue screen and 15 seconds later a smiley face appears with an error screen and a message saying:
"E N J O Y Y O U R D A Y"

Once Peaceful_Virus has searched for another victim, the victim will have 3 stages and start at stage 1

Stage 1:
After the victim has been affected by entity 963. The victim will begin to show mild depression, after 6 hours the victim will experience a fear of being teased and hallucinating

Stage 2:
From 12 o'clock to 4 o'clock, the victim will have a fear of everything and then their phone will start creating a portal for entity 963 to come out in human form. The victim will then feel as if their limbs can no longer move.

Stage 3:
Once entity 963 has reached the victim, it will…………… … … . .
… … . . L O A I N G U Uh I T E T H U W HORROR. ! :)
… … . then drag the victim into it world and the victim's phone will begin to erase itself and a message will appear:
"H A V E A N I C E D A Y" M.E.G tried to find a way to capture the other 963 humanoid entity but failed. But they knew how to avoid it.

Entity 963 (Person):
Entity 963 in human form is an entity that is 6 feet tall and wears a 90s suit style. This Entity has a golden mask with a smiley face painted on it, this entity only appears when the victim begins to move to stage 3, it will bring the victim back to the world in which it has been imprisoned is the phone with the application of entity 963.

Entity 963 have 2 form:

  • The Normal Form
  • The Person Form

The Person Form only appear when the victim fall into the stage 3. If you don't tap on the app you can delete it and if you already in the stage 1, destroy the device that have entity 963 and it'll help you turn into normal.

Do and Don't:


  • Delete if you didn't tap on entity 963
  • Destroy the device that has entity 963 while in stage 1.


  • Tap on the entity 963
  • Fallen into the stage 3. Trust me, you'll never escape
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