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Level -1221141.1 (aka. The White Castle) is the first level from Level -1221141


Class 0

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Level The White Castle is an infinite castle built of white-grey smooth stone, there are no entities or signs of life in the castle. The level has no furniture or light sources (except in Aria 3) , the only light source is outside light coming in through windows or symmetrical gaps in the wall.

The level is divided into 4 different areas:

  • Main Area
  • Foggy Roof
  • Dark Basement
  • Outside


Main Area

The Main Area is the starting area when you enter the level. The area looks like an almost empty castle, which is made of white-grey smooth stone.
In the walls there are windows or symmetrical gaps that let in light from outside, there are usually no other light sources in this area.
The area is quite safe, there are no entities, but no resources like food either.

You can access this area by entering the level or going back the way you came from when you went to another area.

Foggy Roof

The Foggy Roof is the roof of the castle, this time it is built of smooth white stone.
The area no longer looks like a castle, but like a church1.
It is called Foggy Roof because of the white light color and the fog you can't see so much, so the view over the castle is very limited.

To get into the area, you can go up a spiral staircase, or find a ladder that leads there.

Dark Basement

Area 1:

The Dark Basement is an area that stands out from the level design, the Dark Basement is under the castle.
In the area, as it appears, there is all the furniture that should actually be in the castle.
The furniture all looks intact and still new, symmetrical gaps allow light into the area. The area still looks intact, at least until you don't wander too deep into the area…

Area 2:

As you wander further into the area, you realize that something is off, the furniture is getting older and dusty, and the gaps in the wall are getting smaller until there are none left.
It gets colder and darker as you wander into the area, if you don't have a flashlight or a warm jacket, it might be a good idea to turn back now, as you won't be able to later on…

Area 3:

If you got here, congratulations! You can't go back, your only option is to find the exit of the level.
The area is completely dark, so without a flashlight or anything else you're lost down here. It's very cold and humid in the air, the furniture is all soaked and mostly broken, so take care.
The area is now set up like a labyrinth, just go to the right, don't teach anything here, but every labyrinth has an exit. The exit is in the middle of the labyrinth, you'll notice it when you get to the exit (: LGA).
When you get to the exit you will see @&$[v"341²\ß5 which will take you to level /(6}=$2§!?+#.

To get into the area, you have to find a staircase that leads down, at the end of these stairs you will find a wooden door, behind this door is the area.


The Outside is a more rare area, it is outside of the castle, you might sometimes see it from windows or up close.
The Outside looks like a corridor open on the walls with white pillars on the sides or railings. This can be on the outer walls or between rooms as a corridor.
Like the Foggy Roof there is also thick fog outside, but don't even try to find anything in the fog, if you try to go outside of the corridors you'll just fall into the void, the whole castle is surrounded by a void, so take care.

To get to the area you can find a stairway in Foggy Roof leading down (but not all stairs lead there), but you can also get there from the Main Area through hallways or archways.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

There are no bases, outposts or communities in this level, but if you are stuck in the level, you can always ask the M.M.C.B.T. for help, we will then guide you, or if it is an emergency, we will also send a team to you.

Entrances and Exits:


Going somehow back through the symmetric openings on level -1221141.2 will sent you back here.


Wandering a little while in the Main Area, you'll may notice some symmetrical openings in the floor, going through them will lead you to level -1221141.2.
To exit level -1221141.1 you can find a wooden door in Area Dark Basement which will take you to level -1221141.5.
If you fall into the void, you will be sent to Voidness.

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