MMC\Level | Dream Reality

Level -1221141.4 (aka. Dream Reality) is the 4th level from Level -1221141


Class Varies 0

  • Varies of Safety and Security
  • Devoid of Entities
  • Varies of Shape Shifting


Level Dream Reality is a mirror reality of your memories of places in the Frontrooms.
Every memory rewrites the world in different ways, like new paths or places. The memories can cluster together and form new places, you'll may see paths to places that doesn't make sense and don't even exist, but everybody has different memories of places and how they're connected with each other.

Your memories can effect the world in many different ways, if you train it, you could controll the reality (sort of), but the world hasn't just that to offer, there are many different areas in this world or reality, some of them are beautiful to explore and some of them are very dangerous, so take care.


Clustered Reality:

The Area Clustered Reality is the starting area where everything seems normal, you'll be in an area that you know, but maybe not everything will be there.
There could be holes on the wall or some things are not complete, but that's in rare cases, you'll see that if you go deeper into the level.

In this area you can also already see strange things like the connection between places or if you look up in the sky, you may see other places.

Apart Reality:

The Area Apart Reality is a part in the level where you can see that this isn't real, memories of places scattered around, may connected with ways, all floating in a white void.
This area is a place where memories can't connect to each other and just be separate, the gravity changes between the places, so you could jump to one and an other and be upside down (depends on where you think is up and down).

In this area you can see the way of Fast Traveling between places by memory-connections1.


The Area Fragments is a mix between Clustered Reality and Apart Reality, It's like a shattered world but close together.
The area is not the safest, because of the places that shattered out in the area, and the may fast floating parts. The gravity in this area is also very unstable.
The cause of this area and why it exists is unknown, but some people think that the level is trying to pack something between the areas of any memory but fails to do so.

Tethered Reality:

The Area Tethered Reality is an area where things get weird, the area acts like Fragments, an area that takes any memories and tries to do something with that. But this area tries something different.
The area is like Apart reality, but it connects all memories together with some kind of strange tethers. These "tethers" can regenerate if they're destroid, the gravity is like in the other areas realtive to the position where you are, but things can float in the air (or void), like if you explode a tether, the fragments of the tether will float in the air.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

There is an outpost from the M.M.C.B.T. in the Apart Reality where you can easialy get to through intersections or other ways, you can find the way on the M.M.C.B.T. Journal or by asking them for help.

Entrances and Exits:


To enter the level you can [NO DATA].
Trying to escape Level -1221141.-4 will send you here.
You can also enter the level by The Silent Void, but the way is unknown.


To exit the level you can search for parts that look strange or follow the LGA to go to a random level (in range of Level -1221141).
If you know how to controll the space around you (sort of), you can make a intersection that can lead you to other levels (in range of Level -1221141),
but if you warp the space too much, you'll be sent to Level -1221141.-4.

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