MMC\Level | Broken Reality

Level 1221141.-4 (aka. Broken Reality) is the 4th negative level from Level -1221141


Class Varies Omega

  • No Safety and Security
  • Unknown Varies of Entities
  • Unknown Varies of Shape Shifting

(The level is associated with level Level -1221141.4)


Level Broken Reality is a place where reality and structure doesn't matter anymore.
The level is a cluster of existence, reality, space, time and ~ thrown together. Dimensions collide here, space-time is warped and only chaos is created.

It would be too complex to explain, so here are a few anomalies that can occur.

Types of Anomalies:

- Spaceal Dimension Intersection:

Spaceal Dimensions can collide with reality, you know if you enter it, like in higher dimension the space arount you will change, going in lower dimensions may kill you or do nothing.
You can see where the intersections of the dimensions are, because of the space around or within.

- Time Distortion:

It may appear that time plays differently in some areas, it may happen that you just take a step forward and years pass in seconds…
You can see where time distortions are from the inner and outer appearance.

- Room Shifting:

All the anomalies and things can lead to strange things like mirror dimensions or space shifting.
These "space shifts" can shift matter in indefinite amounts, this phenomenon is very present when mirror dimensions get out of control.

(Space shifts cause matter to shift in non-scientific rules.)

- Space Break:

If too much happens at one point, the area or the "tribune of space and time" can collapse in on itself. This can result in matter being sucked into it like a black hole, but this is a point in space and time that can escape to unimaginable proportions.

This anomaly usually stabilizes later, this can vary between them, but if you see this you should get away from it as soon as possible.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

There are no bases, outposts or communities in this level, but if you are stuck in the level, you can always ask the M.M.C.B.T. for help, we will then guide you, or if it is an emergency, we will also send a team to you.

Entrances and Exits:


If you warp the space too much on level -1221141.4, you'll be sent here.


Trying to escape is almost impossible, but there is a way, but it's unknown.

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