ForestIsWatching (4th attempt)

Brick House

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Meanwhile, outside of the basement

Okay, I think I'm in. There is a huuuge house. All I can tell is that it's made of bricks.
Well then. Anything goin' on?
Nah, it's so boring. There isn't really anyone here.
Fair enough. It should be abandoned, just like any other unexplored place.
Should I try opening a door?
G0 ahead, I guess.
It's pitch Bl4ck.
What now?
You stay there, this isn't normal. Can you send me a picture?

You weren't joking.
I'll get you 0ut. Wait there.

After one hour…

Yo, where the fuck are you?
Guess, I'll just walk in the garden. Stupid pitch black sky.

After half an hour…

Tell you what? I'll get out by myself!
Where the fuck are the G4t3s?
I have no choice.

There are a few moments of S1l3nc3

I forgot my purpose.

You forgot about me.

Where are you?



Where are you?!

This section of Level 71 is to be classfied as "Class Undetermined" due to the currently undocumented properties of the house. If you happen to come across the entrance gates on the wall of the level, report it immediately. The origin of the recording is unknown and the area is not to be accessed, due to the entrance disappearing as soon as eye contact is lost. If you are already in the room, it is already To0 L4te for you.

Go away.

Please, talk to me.


Class 0

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