ForestIsWatching (3rd attempt)

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"As I stared into the sky, I started to feel lighter and lighter. It was an island, an island suspended over a blue void. I felt like it stared into my mind and soul, slowly trying to reach them, but with no luck. I could barely breathe while witnessing the figures hanging from that heaven, far beyond my reach, far beyond my heart."

The Island of Figures

A tale written by an unknown wanderer, describing the surroundings.

"I was walking in circles, not knowing that my scope was absolutely beyond my comprehension. I started running towards the closest door I found in that creature-infested hell. I found myself in a noisy, yellow labyrinth. Everything looked the same, wherever I was looking. I turned around and the door vanished, as if it was afraid of my presence. I nearly lost my senses, literally. I'm grateful it even appeared. How much have I walked for? Hours? Days? Months? Can't tell. I felt like my eyes where falling off, but that was untrue: it was my hope that was falling off. Hope, senses, fear, time… they are all connected in some way, whether it's appearent or not doesn't matter, that's just how it is. I couldn't… how do I put this… "pass through" any wall and I felt like I was being watched. Suddenly, something grabbed me into a wall, revealing a blue void. I could barely stand on the closest piece of geometry that I could find. Without even noticing, I was falling off the small room I initially landed in, reaching a suspended island. I almost immediatly lost my sanity, as if I couldn't think straight anymore. Some dark figures were approaching me, attempting to grab me with them. And what did I do? I let them grab me in. I never felt so relaxed in a long time, while still realizing that my situation wasn't good. The figures looked humanoid, but were completely pitch black. They showed me the sorroundings: it was a gigantic forest that had wildlife and very tall trees of all sorts. I looked at my right arm, and I realized that my colours were fading where they were holding me tight. We continued walking until we reached a moutain. I'm surprised all of this fits on the island, but I suppose it's done by non-euclidean means. They forbidded me to proceed any further. They were still not letting me go, but I didn't care much. However, I made a sudden movement and I fell through that island, reaching the same blue void. I approached a long staircase and then everything went dark for a few seconds, suddenly waking me up in a seemingly endless stairwell. I looked at my arm, and it looked normal. I hope someone reads this."

The wanderer's fate remains a mystery. Almost all the information about the level comes from the notebook where this person wrote the tale. It was collected on 04/07/2016.1

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