Level 77
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Class 3

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  • Relatively Unsecure
  • Unpredictable Entity Count

Level 77 is the 78th level of the Backrooms. It was originally discovered by the same wanderer who discovered Level 72. It is theorized to be a deteriorated portion of the latter and Level 59, connecting them together.



An empty area of a beige passenger car within Level 77.

At first glance, Level 77’s appearance is that of a long London Underground passenger train. Each car sports a color, having specific entities based on that color.1 The level may albeit rarely display severe decay in the darkest areas, resulting in an inexplicable psychological effect, discomforting the wanderers passing. Passenger cars are separated by metal doors having signs attached to them displaying the emergency protocols in case of incidents, such as the start of a fire or a sudden power outage. The message includes translations from English in languages which include, but are not limited to: French, Spanish, German, Italian and Latin. These guides are also written on the walls below the fluorescent lights, but are not translated and can be found exclusively in English.


The notoriously common, presumably broken electrical sign found within an extremely rare blue section.

Each passeneger car hosts a single pair of broken electrical signs, displaying a message that reads "UNKNOWN POSITION". Attempting to damage, open or no-clip through these signs always results in passing out. This effect does not result in any long-term damage to the brain, but it is still unadvised to attempt. The message's light always travels perpendicularly to the observer, making these signs impossibile to not read.2 The cab of the train, which is usually within close proximity of the entrance, has white walls and hosts the control panel of the underground vehicle, though this doesn't affect Level 77 in any capacity. Helming the train is a single Faceling who is completely unresponsive to outside stimuli, though its vitals appear normal. Closing the door and going through it again results in entry into Level 125 or, rarely, The End. Level 77 is well-known to be a quite unentertaining location, as most of the time is spent in a single section nearly devoid of life until it is left. However, on the passenger seats it is possible to stumble upon magazines and newspapers; they are known to contain graphic descriptions of kidnappings, torture methods, pornography and brutal murder. The M.E.G. and The Feast highly discourage everyone from reading these psychologically hard-to-handle stories, which are, ultimately, accompanied by gorey imagery. Additionally to those features, as shown in the first picture, on the ceiling are electrical fans that act as functioning air conditioners at all times. These keep the temperature a comfortable 8°C. Along with these are two rows of fluorescent lights emitting a loud hum-buzz similar to that of Level 0.


The average attempted photograph of one of the tunnels.

The windows of Level 77 have another emergency protocol written onto them, warning passengers that these may be broken if needed via the use of a hammer. This utensil, however, is actually not present in any of the train's cars. Through the windows on either side of the cars passes no light, as Level 77's main area is located within a subway tunnel that is completely devoid of electrical lighting. The rest of the level is a collection of tunnels, fused with the ones in Level 72 and, on rare occasions, Level 59.3 The walls of these tunnels are made of concrete and are painted in a substance similar in composition to Vantablack, making the area pitch black. However, infrared light is still reflected, and so the area can still be explored using specialized equipment. Level 77 is known to have, in addition, an everwarping space — the tunnels appear nonsensically arranged to outsiders, given that they would be expected to intersect in relation to the train's movement. Due to this, the level's area remains incalculable, but it is still deemed finite, as the journey as a whole is proven to repeat approximately every 30 days.

Additional Content:


Level 77 hosts a wide variety of entities. These are Crawlers, Wretches, Facelings, Clumps, Nguithr'xurhs and, unconfirmedly, Skin-Stealers. All of these entities, however, are found in their respective sections of the vehicle without exceptions. They are known to be inexplicably trapped, incapable of entry and egress. Forcing entities out has proven to be impossible, as there seems to be a physical barrier between the inside of the respective sections and the outside. Nevertheless, wanderers are to come prepared in order to fight the entities.

No entities exist withing the tunnels, stations or airports. If you spot one, it's a human.


Level 77 is residence to many unique phenomena, each of which are known to occur outside the train. They are known to be rare occurrences, but they are nonetheless to be treated with caution as they have oftentimes proven to be lethal.


Effigius is a thermal phenomenon occurring within the tunnels' walls — on thermocameras, this anomaly manifests itself as a set of tiny orbs, enclosing areas slightly warmer than the surrounding matter. The phenomenon itself is proven to be safe to handle and seems to appear randomly for shorts periods of time. Researchers have theorized that they are originated from an indeterminable source beyond the walls.

I swear to God— this… thing is following me. Imagine jumping off a train, alone. You get your thermocamera and start wandering around looking for an exit. Then, you photograph this tiny sphere, floating, going nowhere, then disappearing. You get a heart attack, that's for sure, then you calm down a little and continue walking. Where are you going? What was it here for? Where did it go? Maybe it leads somewhere? No, it soon disappears again. You sit down. You cannot grasp anything in front of you without the camera. You feel blind, unconscious, anxious. Grabbing the camera and looking around again— there it is: it appears again a few meters away.

It disappears. It is as lost as you are. Keep walking. Four-way intersection— there it is again, floating around, even farther away. Breathe. Forget it. There isn't time to worry about something innocuous. Or maybe it isn't? Maybe it's a trap!

But here it goes, appearing once again far, far away.

Keep walking, and keep calm.

Wanderers passing will likely encounter the anomaly on multiple occasions, eventually escaping from it. The phenomenon doesn't seem to pose any mental threat, despite the general anxiety it evokes. Any findings of the anomaly are to be reported immediately to the nearest outpost, if possible with recordings, pictures, or anything that could provide further evidence of the phenomenon.


Requiem has so far only manifested once. It appears to mimick the sound of water flowing through pipes, being loud and continuous, all without resulting in echoes. The phenomenon upon its initial discovery lasted for around two hours, constantly shifting its source closer to the train. Getting too close to the epicenter has resulted in explorers becoming partially or completely deaf, and so it has imposed a sensory threat when traversing the train. Luckily, no wanderers happened to be on the train at the time, with the only testimonies monitoring it from outside using advanced cameras, though, as mentioned, some nonetheless got too close.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Level 77's underground is residence to one outpost and one community.

The M.E.G. Outpost — "Inhabited train car"

  • Maroon passenger car claimed by the M.E.G.
  • Around five officials.
  • Armed guards present within at all times.
  • Crawler population suppressed.

The Feast o' The Train

  • An unexpectedly large community within the perimeters of Level 77.
  • Open to trade, but only food and supplies are accepted.
  • Origin of the name unknown.
  • Leader is William McBridge, while co-leader is James Lord.
  • Estimated to be over two hundred in population size.
  • Main research center.

Entrances and Exits:


  • Level 77 is mainly accessed from Level 72. To enter, one must find an underground and wait until an abnormally-long-looking train passes by. Once it stops, one must enter it and wait until the sorroundings of said area turn pitch black as the journey continues. After doing so, entry is warranted.
  • Level 77 is directly accessible through The Hub. The Level Key may be found within blue sections. The doors take the same appearance as the ones inside the train. Once entered, one will find themselves in front of one of the stations or, most likely, within a passenger car, depending on the direction the door is facing.


  • Level 77 is mainly exited by entering a train station. This leads to Level 72, just as mentioned, but it may also lead to Level 59.
  • Randomly falling through the floor of any of the passenger cars grants transportation into Level 59.
  • Going deep within the tunnels outside of the train has led to the following levels:
  • Entering an airport leads to Level 36.
  • Some corridors at the entrances of the stations lead directly to Level 3.
  • Some flights of stairs may lead to Level 4, Level 4.3, Level 122, or, rather rarely, Level 33.
  • Finally, entering the cockpit, closing the door and attempting to go back results in entry into Level 125 or, on rare occasions, The End.

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