Entity 184 - "Fog Dweller"
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The closest and most detailed picture of a Fog dweller.

Entity Number: 184


Far foggy borders of Level 563, but it is said that it has been seen on other levels with thick fog.


Fog dwellers are large crab-like entities living in the densest fogs of the Backrooms levels.
They are highly intelligent, using the properties of the fog itself and loud noises as hunting tools to catch their prey. They are considered as the main reason along with the Mud worms, why to not venture into the fogs of the Backrooms.

Still, their appearance is very rare and no other documentation than distant photos and stories of witnesses has been made. So we may understand these creatures poorly.


Fog dwellers have 2 periods - the hunting period and the migration period. In the hunting period, Fog dwellers go in the light fog and feed on sapient beings that come nearby.
They are not active predators rather they are calm and wait until the prey comes to them.
They use loud horn-like sounds that can be heard up to 5 km, and when close to 3 km can cause hallucinations, memory loss, and passivity. This makes groups split apart as the members no longer trust each other or people forget their trace back and get lost.

The lost individuals in the fog will be probably devoured by the Fog dweller or other entities if they don't receive help, which itself is very dangerous to provide.


In the migration period, Fog dwellers will retreat into the deeper fog and travel. It is unknown where these entities travel to or if they just travel aimlessly. There are some beliefs that their migration destination is Level 10 or Level 786 where these creatures also have been spotted.
In the migration period, Fog dwellers are passive towards humans and try to avoid them if possible.


Fog dweller is about 50m (165 ft) tall creature, standing on 2 front and 1 back leg.
Its head is cephalopod-like, with many small and 3 long thin tentacles, hanging from head to the surface. These tentacles are most likely used for grabbing victims from the ground and putting them to its mouth.
It is unknown if Fog dweller has eyes, however, due to its habitat, it must have a great sense of vision or echolocation to navigate through the fogs.


The first Fog dweller was seen by the M.E.G. worker who was working in the southern sector of the Great fence project - a project whose goal is to enclose the fog from the rest of the level 563. Although M.E.G. was informed about dangerous entities in the fog of 563 before (like Mud worms), they never assumed the existence of something that big.

The worker who saw it survived the encounter and informed the M.E.G. about the existence of these entities.

Later countless expeditions have been made by the M.E.G. to further investigate this creature, but all of them failed, often with the result of most of the members being lost in the fog.

Additional Info:

M.E.G. even tried to approach Fog dweller with the team using earplugs - who had pretty positive results, like the most detailed photo you've already seen.
Still, when the team reached a distance of 500 m from the entity, earplugs started to become useless as the vibrations from the sound were too strong causing headaches and brain damage resulting in the retreat of the team.

Survival Guide

When you must venture into the fogs of Backrooms levels, attach a rope to yourself or use "beacons" to mark your path back. This will come really in handy when you get lost.

Keep your mind calm and focused when traveling through the fog. Don't let the fear overwhelms you.

Don't try to save your lost friend when you haven't got the equipment. It is sad, but better one dead man than two. Rather search for people that can help you give needed equipment.

Don't try to attack Fog dweller with weapons like bow or gun, you wouldn't have a chance.

When you start hearing loud horn-like sounds use earplugs immediately or if you haven't got any, cover your ears with any object to prevent further negative effects.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Use earplugs when start hearing loud horn-like noise
  • Stay calm and focused even when you get lost
  • Mark your path while traveling through the fog
  • Write your thoughts/goals of your expedition on a paper (in case of memory loss)


  • Approach closer to the entity
  • Attack the entity
  • Try to save your friends when you haven't got the equipment
  • Panic when traversing the fog

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