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Level 995 - Mycena Caverns



Class unknown

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Down here the only god are the fungi. Faintly glowing, gloriously, beautiful fungi. They line the wall of the caverns infinitely in every direction. The walls only peeking out of the absolute darkness in rare instances where the fungi glow brightest, revealing a hauntingly indescribable texture.

The caverns themselves are mostly relatively narrow passages through the caverns sprawling in every direction, but never up or down. In fact, the geometry of the caverns seems to be computed somehow, arranged in some perfect manner yet still completely random at the same time. It is absolutely hypnotizing and not possible for one viewing to describe.

The narrow parts of the caverns have small streams of an undeterminable fluid running through them, tumbling softly and noiselessly over small pebbles. Occasionally, these narrow passages open up into grand, open spaces with massive lakes within them, the fluid appears to be a slight greyish murky color, illuminated slightly by the roofs filled with the glowing fungi. It is impossible to see past a few feet into the lakes.



Expedition 1

Groups of well experienced Backrooms explorers have very rarely led expeditions to this point of The Backrooms, in order to try and gain more of an understanding of The Backrooms themselves. This level is very anomalous.

Expectedly, the very first expedition (an M.E.G expeditionary force) sent down to the caverns was a party made up of over 150 self-claimed biologists, researchers, archeologists and military personnel. Not one person from that party ever returned to base

Expedition 2

The second expedition to these caverns were in fact a rescue mission. This party was made up of purely military and rescue teams, as no one else was interested in entering the caverns this time. As such, this was a pure get in and get out situation where there was a much lower chance of casualty, hence why the mission to go back was even approved in the first place.

This expedition led to the discovery of many journal entries and research findings (as well as general belongings of the initial expedition) that were confiscated as evidence and something to return home, yet no bodies were found. Many of the military personnel were also equipped with video cameras so as to capture what they saw, though the vast majority of these recording did not survive the expedition.

The Mycena Caverns are a place of great intrigue to many in the scientific community of The Backrooms, as well as The Backrooms community in general. There is thought to be many items and entities in this level of The Backrooms that are completely unique to Level 995 and have rare and strange properties that may lead to further understanding of The Backrooms. However, no physical samples of anything from the Mycena Caverns have yet to of been tested.


Captured from the helmet camera of surviving member of Expedition 2


The only available descriptions we have of the caverns are entirely based on the first and second expeditions of the M.E.G. These are mostly journal entries of specific entities and items.

The only definitive end conclusion from the expeditions is that the caverns are not to be entered under any circumstance by anyone other than extremely experienced backrooms dwellers and should not be explored for more than very brief visits, no longer than 10 minutes. The reason for this is believed to be in the fungus that align the walls, though this is not confirmed. It seems that the farther you delve into the caverns and the longer you stay, the more mind altering effects begin to take place.

That is not to imply that anyone entering the caverns from any point in their backrooms experience is fully whole of mind. The Backrooms take their toll on even the most resilient wanderers with enhanced mental fortitude from use of almond water. What makes the caverns unique is that they initially appear seductive, as if it's luring you into it's madness. It's not somewhere you may want to leave at first, in fact it could even be described as pleasurable. It has a nice humidity, the perfect temperature. The "water" (it is not sure what the fluid that runs throughout the caves and lakes is) is warm and has a slightly viscous quality to it. The cavern walls themselves are absolutely mesmerizing, staring at them is extremely unadvised.


One of the many fungi types found in Mycena Caverns. Captured from the helmet camera of surviving member of Expedition 2

Many from the second expedition, of which there were only 3 survivors, were lost within the first few minutes upon entering the caverns. They were absolutely transfixed by them. One brave soul, Officer Leon, a rescue operation officer, caught sense of what was happening and realized what the caverns were doing.

As he snapped out of his gaze, he realized the entirety of his team were walking in a straight line, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling of fungus. The fungus, he noticed suddenly, made an unbearably mind-breaking humming noise that he didn't remember hearing upon entrance of the caverns. It sounded as if the entire cave was singing some demented otherworldly tune that was not suitable to human senses. He managed to catch up to some of his crew members and tried desperately to break them out of their transfixion. He punched them, threw them to the ground, even slammed rocks in their face. He was able to break the gaze of two of his men and got them to stay with him, but that was it. Most of them, after being knocked down or slammed in the face, simply stood back up; ignoring their wounds, and continued walking. Eyes vacant, devoid of any consciousness. Some had the implication of smiles along their face, though any real emotions were undiscernible. The officer reported simply watching in horror as his crew continued marching on, into an area of the cavern that opened up into a massive lake that looked infinitely deep and endlessly wide, as the indescribable polyvocal humming noises slowly grew ever louder and more unbearable.

It seemed that a few of the men were marched, through no means of their own, onto a walkway of the caverns, continuing on even farther into the endless unknown. The rest, however, simply waded their way into the murky, grey water. Their heads slowly peeking down as they walked farther and farther into the murky abyss, until they were out of sight completely.

Officer Leon gathered his remaining 2 men with incredible speed and they made their way through the fixed exit of the cavern (a smaller open dry chamber with an elevator), the same way they entered. Were it not for the incredible courage of Officer Leon, we would still be left with absolutely no information on Level 995. The findings he brought back with him as well as his video camera recording are the only pieces of data we have of the Mycena Caverns so far.

It is not known how far the caverns stretch, it is heavily theorized they travel on for much longer, getting ever more complex and mind bending as you go along. Some believe the caves may even begin to shift forms after travelling a certain distance, each form more detached from reality than the last. Who knows what fate the souls of the expedition force suffer now. They are in some completely distorted place so far away from even the reality of the backrooms. They are doomed to wander maddeningly into the void, drawn in by some incomprehensible force dwelling deep within the caverns with unknown motives. Officer Leon as well as the two other surviving officers received extensive mental evaluation and rehabilitation proceeding this event, but none ever returned to their previous personalities. In fact, there was not much personality to them whatsoever from that point. In regards to the data collected from Officer Leon's findings, there are some in The Backrooms who wonder if the Mycena Caverns could contain the elusive exit out of The Backrooms. Whether this theory will ever be confirmed is highly doubtful.



  • Confirmed Entity: Mindspores

While it is as of yet impossible to confirm whether the singing fungus on the walls of the cavern could be described as individuals, for the sake of keeping the (undeveloped research faction) sane (and everyone else in the backrooms for that matter), it is being assumed for now that they are in fact not connected to some larger consciousness.. While there are several other types of fungus in the caverns, the fluorescent mindspores are the only ones that have displayed some sense of consciousness. Considered hostile.

  • Confirmed Entity: General Entities:

Crawlers and Death Rats were documented by the 1st Expedition.

  • Theorized Entity: Lost One

While no one has been able to explore the caverns long enough to confirm these entities, it is believed that the remaining souls of the expeditions are still down there wandering the caverns. It is unknown whether they would be hostile or not. It is believed that their psychology and possibly even their biology have been completely altered, likely resembling a strange humanoid.

  • Theorized Entity: ???

There have also been extensive theories as to the nature of the caverns and what it is that causes travelers to become entranced in the first place. The obvious assumption was that the glowing fungus everywhere excreted some toxic gas into the air where it entered the lungs and ate the consciousness, completely independently and "naturally". This is the current accepted theory. Recent hypotheses, however, have suggested something much more sinister. The fungi may act as individual parts to a larger whole, such as a defense mechanism or possibly a lure of some kind. It is believed that something much more incomprehensible and destructive is lurking in that endless maddening hell-scape.

Entrances and Exits


Expedition 2 descending elevator

  • In the caves of level 8, in the most inaccessible reaches of the dingiest and lowest points in the caves, a randomly spawning elevator can be found. This elevator has the appearance of an industrial mining shaft elevator, illuminated by a blinding pale blue light bulb connected to a rustic hanging lamp. It is relatively large and capable of carrying bodies as well as cargo. It is estimated up to 500 bodies can enter the elevator at a time.
  • The elevator is assumed to appear for only about 12 hours at completely random times. Once on the elevator, it begins descending through rock and cavern walls for a while. Then suddenly, the walls disappear and there is nothing surrounding you but infinite blackness. A never-ending void. The elevator descends slowly and becomes almost weightless for an undeterminable amount of time. Eventually, you will begin to see specks of blue light in the distance below you. It will grow closer and closer until you are completely surrounded by the blueness, this is when you have arrived in the Mycena Caverns/Level 995.
  • By extension, the only known exit from the Mycena Caverns are again through the elevator. No clipping is theorized to be possible, but has not been documented.

Colonies and Outposts

No known settlements in the Mycena Caverns.

Live Voice Log - Dialogue between two Rescue Officers - 2nd Expedition

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level - N/A

Officer Truski: Man check this place out, I thought we would end up in some god forsaken pitch black tunnel, this place is beautiful!

Officer James: Yea it is huh? It's almost like a Kaleidoscope or something, but even more mind-fucky

Officer Truski: Yea true, a kaleidoscope.. heh.. he…. woww…. it's like it's impossible to look away

Officer James: I feel that too, you feel that? This stuff is really fucking with my v-vision….. or something…

Officer Truski: heeeehhhh mmmmmmm hehhheea. mannnn

Officer James: heheh cmonn ma- man.. we… we…. should keep…… keep….. mo-

Officer Truski: mmmmmm mamma??? is that you maama?

Officer James: mmmmmhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggghhhhhhhuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Officer Truski: I-I'm coming mama….. W- wait for me mama!…….gghhhhh——

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