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Level 411 is the 412th level in the backrooms. This level is an everyday pizzeria in new york city.


Level 411 is a Large-size pizzeria the inside of it just looks like an average pizzeria in the mid-80s, it also has new york theme posters hung around everywhere meaning this place might take place in new york. The pizzeria has a large kitchen in the back of the counter where the cash register is, the kitchen mostly has old wooden pizza ovens, and the kitchen has a cold storage in the back where most of the ingredients are in. The pizzeria also has a bathroom era close to the
owner's office. And the pizzeria has about 30 tables here, most of the tables are occupied by the customers.

You can enter this room by leaving level 11 by entering a door in the back alleys that have a sign saying Larry's pizzeria or you can leave level 410. There is a front door in this pizza place, but if you leave this place by going through the front door it will take you right back to the way you enter it by level 11.

When you enter level 411 you'll be greeted by one of the entities of this level welcoming you to Larry's pizza joint. The entity will start talking in a polite way telling the wanderer about the history of the pizzeria stating that the pizzeria was founded in the late 80s by the guy name Larry. After he's done explaining the history he will try to get you to work here. if the wanderer takes the offer they will spawn in the kitchen or the cash register of the place, and the wanderer's clothes will change to a fast-food uniform having the logo of Larrys on the middle left side. You'll get paid here. they pay the wanderer 3 almond water a shift.

Level 411 can be close in The time of 6:00 PM but it's unknown what time zone that Level 411 uses, but some wanderers think it's eastern time because of the new york theme in the restaurant.

The only thing that the pizzeria takes as currency is almond water, the reason being that they need almond water to create their almond pizza.

They're only two jobs here. The first job is the cook and the second is being the cashier. But if you refuse the job offer the entity will just tell you to take a seat at one of the tables, and he'll pass you the menu of this place.


Level 411 only has 4 main entities being larry and the waiter. larry Not much is known about Larry but he's the owner of the pizzeria, but no one knows what he really looks like. but one of the wanderers who works there has said that Larry is a middle-aged man being about 5 foot 9 and being a little obese, also the wandered has said that larry mostly stays in his office most of the time that's why no one barely sees him.

waiter The waiter is a tall individual being around 7 feet tall and his the person who greets you when you enter level 411. The waiter wears a dark blue suit having Larry's pizza logo on the back of his suit, the waiter speaks in a very polite manner. There is a theory as to why he's nice to the wanderers is that he wants to get the wanderer's confidence so they can accept his job offer without any hesitation at all. his job is to take the orders of the customers. he also runs the place
well, larry is mostly in his office all the time.

Workers They're only 5 workers in the pizzeria, they only reside in the kitchen. They don't communicate that much, only making almond pizza. If you're working here they will teach you how to make almond pizza. When the shifts are over the workers will leave level 411 by leaving through the front door.

customers The customers are only made of a facelings they will mostly be sitting on the chairs by the tables looking at the menu. The waiter will also start a conversation with them well they're ordering their food. it's still unknown how they eat the food here.


Even though this place has a menu, the menu isn't that big at all, or a least it only has one thing on it being almond pizza. wanderers have said that the almond pizza tastes sweet and nutty. There is no cheese in the pizza, it's replaced with a surgery toping.


The cook is one of the jobs in the pizzeria by the name of it you will just have to cook. The only thing you can cook in this place is almond pizza. if you don't know how to make the almond pizza the workers could teach you how. you can just ask them and they'll give you step by step.

The cashier is one of the jobs in the pizzeria, Wellbeing the cashier the only thing you'll take as currency is almond water you can just put the almond water in the cash register, even though it doesn't seem like the almond water could fit in the cash register, but the cash register defines the laws and physics, inside of it is a large storage of almond water you can just drop the almond water in there. But there is no physical way to get the almond water in the storage, but some wanderers theorize that the waiter goes into the storage in the cash register because of his height.
If you don't know how to operate a cash register, there is a guide list near the cash register it tells you step by step.


The only time you can get fire from here is by stealing. if you take something and tried to keep it the waiter will know that you took something. The waiter will ask you to take that thing that he stoled, but If you refuse, the waiter will immediately put his hands in your pocket and take the thing that you stoled, after that he'll ask you to leave and you'll uniform will be removed. You will be instantly set back the way you got to level 411. It's theorized that the waiter is telepathic.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There is only one base here in level 411 It's called the workers joint, they only have 7 members. They use to have 11 members in the group but 4 of them got fired. They are open for trading.

Entrances And Exits:


  • You can enter level 411 by finding a door in level 11 saying Larry's pizzeria.
  • You can go and crawl to one of the stoves in level 410 in the kitchen, you will crawl out of one of the wooden pizza stoves and you will be in level 411. You can't go back from the way you came in level 410.


  • There is only one exit of level 410 is leaving by the front doors and leading back to level 11.

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