Level Die!!!


Class 5

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Level Die!!!
Is a place that has a beach like level 100 but redZ
It’s made with liquid pain and Almond Water
Do not drink it’s has a long road going for 89 billion miles
Theater are broken cars with Almond Water or liquid pain
A house has good but it’s impossible to get it counted 1,893 unkowned entity’s
Almond Water
it’s hard to get
It’s relly rare.
Liquid pain common on this level.
Some entity’s are not hostile most are.
Outposts and Communitie
M.E.G UNK base 1
M.E.G UNK base 2
M.E.G UNK base 3
M.E.G UNK base 4
M.E.G UNK base J
M.E.G UNK base Main
M.E.G UNK base Food
M.E.G UNK base water

Add the Entrances and Exits
To enter Get killed in level
Exit there is one exit survive 25 years to nocilp to the frontrooms or nocilp to level 0
Entity jerry
He is blue and tracks people to love to learn more
Click here http://backrooms-wiki.wikidot.com/entity-7

HQ”you alive”
HQ”got any information”
John”Yeah it’s level die!!!”
HQ”you see that big building”
John”Yeah why”
HQ”it’s this HQ come to the building”
John”I am coming *runs*I am here*
Sophia”hello John”
Wander”what is this place?”
M.E.G gunman”who are you”
Entity” I am here to kill you”
Good entity”bro stop mom made our dinner”
Entity”oh I will come back”
Good entity”shut up you know that mom will be mad if you kill”
Entity”but why”
Good entity”we are good entity’s”
Good entity”bye”
The end of update 2

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