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Level 145 aka the nightlands the (146)'th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 145, aka the night lands, is a lower class urban community where it is always night time. Wanderers who are unfortunate enough to find this place, say that it evokes the feeling of wandering into the wrong side of town by yourself.
If one looks up at the sky, you will notice that the moon and all the stars have vanished from the sky. This Level is primarily lit by amber colored street lights which give off a constant orange haze over the visible parts of the Level. A light fog fills the streets making visibility rather sparse in some areas. Every building is filled with stuff, though all the interiors are trashed as if the former residents left in a hurry. These sections are lit by bright floureacent lights which do not buzz, making these areas uncomfortably silent. Almost every refrigerator will have almond water and food in them and many treasures are hidden in these areas.
The town stretches for sixty miles in diameter and has four main areas. The first and smallest area you will encounter will be downtown, which features skyscrapers, large condos, a hospital and a high school. The second and second largest area you will encounter will be the suburbs, which consists of a rural neighborhood lined with old wooden houses with sheet metal roofs, or just all brick houses, every window boarded up. Light in this area is very sparse when you're outside and there are trees in every yard creating many shadowy areas, even in the streets. The third area is the industrial area, which consists of a large lumber mill, a paper mill, a coal power plant, a nuclear power plant, a train yard, and many warehouses. This area is especially large and completely encircles the other two areas. This area is also silent and none of the machines work. The fourth area is the most dangerous area, the forest. Which completely circles the entire Level, trapping the wanderer in the town. These woods are devoid of light and very dense. It is unknown what lies in the forest and any wanderers who go in here, rarely make it far, before they're chased back into the Nightlands, so it's unclear how far this area stretches
This Level is deceptively dangerous and will fluctuate in entity hostility at random times. Only two reside in this area which are Dires, which are muscular bipedal beasts with black fur and red eyes. They have six inch claws, razor sharp teeth, and the head of a dog with goat horns. These beasts are what you will encounter most often down here. They are very loud when provoked, roaring like a grizzly bear. Despite their animal appearance they can be outrun but always avoid swimming or climbing as they are excellent swimmers and climbers. Don't try to hide as they have excellent senses of smell. The only option is to run and escape as they are incredibly strong and have been known to hunt in packs. The next entity is the Provoker, who is a black hooded figure will follow and chase the wanderer throughout the level. This entity is typically seen at a distance and they are the master of the Dires. He will often appear before a Dire attack. No reports have indicated that he has ever harmed anybody and mainly follows wanderers around, standing in the distance at the end of the road.
This Level also has an event known as the bells, in which a loud distorted air raid siren will sound throughout the entire Level. All televisions on the level will have the same blue screen that says "standby". Then a voice will echo across the sky that speaks the words, "Ladies and Gentlemen… lights out." After this all electricity on the Level will instantly fail and the entities on this level will become extremely hostile and roar uncontrollably through the streets as they chase you through the pitch black streets. This will happen for no more than a few hours. The siren will sound once more and the voice will say "Thank you for your patience… goodbye" after each time this happens more Dires will have spawned.
The forest is one of the most densely populated areas for Dires and many who enter here looking for an exit or a special treasure are quickly ambushed and never seen again.
This Level is designed to keep the wanderer in constant fear, with the Provoker and his pack of Dires constantly hunting and taunting you. He will often leave you disturbing messages and chase you then let you go. There will be times when he will call off the Dires, leaving you alone with the constant fear that they may return. This is his way of resetting the tone, meant to slowly break you mentally with each ring of the bells. You will rarely find time to sit down, let alone sleep. Due to this, extreme sleep deprivation is very common here and often costs wanderers their lives and their sanity. It is important to leave this place as soon as you can before the entities become too plentiful. Do not try to stay here, you may just never sit down again. Forever running, forever hiding, until you finally give in and allow the Provoker to have his victory.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the nature of this Level, no Outposts or communities have been established.

Entrances And Exits


The easiest entrance to find is in Level 5. If you wander deep enough into the boiler room. You will find a square hole in the base of a wall with a wooden board nailed to it. This will take you to a room in one of the skyscrapers in the downtown area. The second entrance is in Level 6, but it's unknown where it is in Level 6. However if you wander through the dark you may come across a hallway with a bulletproof glass door at the end of it, filling the area in the signature orange light of the street lights, and no key is needed. This will take you to the suburbs and will not be there when you turn around.


There are two known Exits. One being a purple set of double doors that can be found inside a rusted warehouse in the industrial area. This exit appears to lead outside but will transport you to Level 8 The second exit can be found about one mile north of the city in the forest it is a large hole sitting at the base of a tree and will transport you to Level 39, though this path is highly dangerous and many who attempt to find the hole perish as a result. A high quality flashlight is advised.

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