Object 101 - "Fake Almond Water"

Fake almond water looks almost identical to bottled Almond Water, except for the fact that on the bottom of the bottle is a brand logo with a man in a business suit giving a thumbs up with his hand1, surrounded by text saying "Jimmys pure bran almon water"2|3, an almond water brand that doesn't even exist in on earth, nor anywhere in the backrooms

Who is Jimmy

As of now nobody knows who, or what Jimmy is. Ever since the fake almond water has been recently reported, The M.E.G. has been searching levels in search of this man, along with other important things, such as how it's being made, who's making it, and where are they located.

Event of discovery

Very recently, a small group of 4 survivors were exploring level 1 when they found a loot crate with 1 bottle of fake almond water. As they we're drinking some almond water, the one who took a sip of the fake almond water fell unconscious about a minute later. Upon checking for a heart beat they conclude the fact that he's dead.

A weeks time passed and they encountered The M.E.G. and everything was explained to them. When they got to explaining Almond Water one of the survivors told them about how when one of them drank a bottle he died shortly after. The M.E.G. was getting very similar reports from others, 4 so far, and asked if they still had the bottle and if he could see it.

Upon seeing the bottle he took it to the rest of the team and concluded that this is something everyone should know about. The official report has

Known side effects

Instead of giving any positive side effects, it acts as a lethal poison and can kill in about a minute. After some testing it has been confirmed effective against most entities of the backrooms.

Additional info

Smells like mold. Suspected to be the substance soaked into the rugs of Level 0.

All 5 reports so far have been found in Bottles, but it is still unknown if fake almond water could be found from other sources.

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