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please note: this is my first level so it's most likely complete rubbish. sorry for that, will probably fix this article later. <3

Level 199 is the 200th level of the backrooms.


Level 199 seems to be a modern-ish hotel with long hallways with slight turns and rooms varying in size. This level's hallways seem to be finite, but very long. There seems to be rooms on each side, with their own unique room number. There is the occasional table, picture, and potted plant. They all vary in size, shape, and look. This room has very few entities.

This level supposedly has 100 thousand rooms. Yet, only 1 leads to the exit.

Level 199's rooms seem to be unique, with 17 currently observed shapes. They have windows, and when you look outside, you see a pool, campfires, and beautiful scenery surrounded by the hotel. Yet, the hotel doesn't follow this shape. There is a small chance that there may be "The Windows" in them. Also, there may be a room with an open door filled with balloons. If so, walk in to join the party! =)

The Lag

This level has a very strange anomalous property. It is, "The Lag." The lag is a weird thing that makes everything seemingly teleport forwards or backwards, fling, or just stop midair. This effects objects, your movement, your thoughts, your organs, almost anything that moves.

When you clip in, it is less extreme. But, the farther you go, it gets more extreme. Some rooms or parts of the hallway have the lag randomly spiked. It is recommended to throw objects down hallways, to test the lag. One person claimed that his friend was walking and he randomly died. This is thought to be because the lag was so extreme in that part that his heart stopped completely.

Colonies & Outposts

There may be small colonies in certain rooms. If so, we have not found any, yet.

Entrances & Exits


You can get here by thinking very hard of living in a hotel in Level 18.


You need to find a room that has an exit sign above it. It will bring you to Level 188. There is only one in existence. It is rumored that you can noclip here to get to various levels, but this was tested and it just brought to a laggier part.

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