Level 195 "The recreational centre"
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Level 195 "The Recreational Centre"


Class 2

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Medium entity count

Level 195 "The Recreational Centre" is the 196 level of the backrooms.


Level 195 is seemingly infinite rooms connected by dark hallways. Items such as tables, chairs, food, or other items can be found, albeit rarely in this level since most rooms are usually devoid of items, rooms that do have items tend to have them placed in a haphazardly manner and does not seem to serve any purpose. It is advised to practice caution while traversing the hallways as entities are much more common in dark sections of this level. Special rooms that resembles facilities or places found in a regular recreational centre such as a basketball court or café.

The mirror room

The mirror room is a large room that has a mirror that covers the floor to the ceiling, The mirror room has any items that has been found in this level. Commonly you can find adult facelings or Mirror people in these rooms. When in these room be careful not to provoke the facelings , or not to scared the mirror people away. It is possible to find In the mirror rooms Memory jars, Squirt gun, Memory juice.

The café

The café is a large room with chairs and tables placed evenly around the room, with facelings sitting on them too, these facelings are passive and will not attack unless provoked. The cafe also has a long counter with food such as donuts, cake, pizza, coffee, and almond water on the counters which restocks every 12 hours. Behind the counter There are shelves behind the counter that are also stocked with the same food as the ones found on the table. Due to the absence of hostile entities and abundance of food in the café, it is recommended that wanderers restock on food and take a break in this area.

The basketball court

The basketball court is a room with a basketball hoop on one of the walls, and also has lockers on the walls with purple buckets on the side of them. Another thing found in the basketball court is a punching bag dummy with a basketball on the floor near by. In some of the Basketball courts you can find a orange disc or a boom box. If a three-pointer is scored, an Almond water will fall from the hoop. If a slam dunk is scored, Royal Rations will fall from the hoop.


A photo with a mirror person in a mirror room

Skin stealers ,Facelings ,and Mirror people. All of the entities in level 195 can more commonly be found in the dark, making these areas very dangerous. When a Skin stealers or Child faceling sees a mirror they will try to destroy it.

Mirror people

Habitat: Level 195

Mirror people hide inside of inside mirrors in the mirror rooms to hide from other entities.


Mirror people look like just normal people except their missing their necks, arms, legs, and their feet.


Mirror people hide inside of the mirrors to stay away from the other entities in this level. If a mirror person sees a entity, it will hide away from the mirrors view, but if a mirror person sees a Wanderer, they will try to communicate with the Wanderer. If a Mirror person is threatened , they will travel to a mirror with no other Mirror people.


The mirror people are normal humans but they are missing their face, neck, arms, legs, and feet but their body still connected by a mysterious force. The mirror people are also glowing white.The mirror people hands are made up of two fingers.


A artist rendition of a mirror person


On 2/19/15, the first mirror person was found in a mirror room, when a wanderer was walking through Level 195 and entered a mirror room.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • If it hides, you hide.
  • Try to keep near them to stay safe.


  • Don't run away, because they can help you survive.
  • Don"t scare the entity away.

In Level 195 you can find Almond water, Royal Rations, Memory jars, Squirt gun, Memory juice.


  • The trader's Lounge

The trader's lounge is a group of Wanderers, They can freely join the settlement and trade some of the objects in the backrooms. The settlement is made of almost all of the props found in this level.

To enter Level 195 you have to find a orange bucket in Level 33.

If you find a unlocked door with something glowing on the otherside in Level 195, it will lead to Level 4, Level 190, or The Hub.

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