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This whole planet looks like this

Level 272 is the 273rd Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 01/05/21


Level 272 is a huge planet thats almost entirely covered in grass. Even the bottom of oceans on this level are full of it. Earth on this level can sustain any crop. Most of this level consists of huge grass fields. Not so often a wanderer can find a valley with some lakes and trees on the bottom. Sometimes there are occasional forests but they are really rare and small.


In forests there can be found an extinguished campfires and rarely chests with stuff like Almond Water, food, clothing, medical and electrical1 suplies. Extremely rarely in those forests there might be a cabin with electricity, flowing water and a ton of stuff.


Oceans are very intresting on this level. Water in those is not Almond Water but normal salt water just like in The Frontrooms oceans. Also they are really deep2. But the most important part of them is that there are actually fishes and they can be consumed

The Great City

In the level after wandering for long enough a wanderer should be able to find The Great City. It's an incredibly huge city about the size of 2400 km2. The city has many buildings that are just like in real life. Only one of them is special. It's a pyramid which is a hotel. Worth mentioning is that entities on this level don't want anybody to make pictures of any part of The Great City including themselves. They control the whole city.


A replica of The Pyramid in scale 1 : 32768

The Pyramid

The Pyramid has 6 confirmed zones. The Red zone is an entrance to pyramid. It's an elevator to every other zone and a place to buy apartments. The Blue zone contains hotel rooms which have only bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. There is about 2000 apartments in that zone. The Yellow zone has rooms like kitchens and dinning rooms. A person can just make a meal for itself. The Green zone is the entertainment zone. There are hotel spas, jacuzzi tubs and even aquaparks in there. The last two zones are known to exist but what's inside is only said by Entity 272 and Entity 273. The White zone is supposed to be a storage area for entire hotel. The Orange zone is kept in secret from everybody. Only entities know what's in there.

If a wanderer would like to live in one of hotel apartments or buy a flat, he can ask Entity 271 in The Red zone if he can buy an apartment. The entity will then show every single place in the city that a wanderer can buy. Payments are made via Almond Water, Level Keys, Memory Juice, Firesalt, Royal Rations etc.


When this level was discovered The Great City had only 2 inhabitants: Entity 272 and Entity 273. After discovering this level many people came here because it is a perfect place to relax and meet with other people.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are 2 bases on this level.

M.E.G. Outpost "Forest dwellers"

  • Currently 124 people are living there.
  • This outpost was made to study Entities 272 and 273, The Great City, ground and oceans
  • Trying to infiltrate The Great City for information about Object 999 and Object 141

The Empire Capital

  • Everyone living in The Great City is an inhabitant of The Empire Capital
  • Current population of this city is 78946 people
  • This is the capital of The Empire

Entrances And Exits


  • No-clipping into a wall that has a wallpaper with grass in any house on Level 10 have a 5% chance to teleport into random grass field on this level
  • Jumping from 27th floor of any building on Level 11 and falling on other building's roof thats on 13th floor will lead directly to The Great City.3
  • No-clipping through bottom of The Abyss on Level 7 will lead to the deepest point on the entire level.4


  • No-clipping through the deepest point on the level will lead to The Abyss on Level 7
  • Extremely rarely a wanderer can find a beach near the ocean. No-clipping through the sand on that beach will lead to either Level 48, Level 100 or Level 149
  • Finding and ripping out The Lux-Shroom may transport wanderer to Level 374
  • Falling into a valley and hitting ground will lead to Level 23 or Level 186

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