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Entity Number: 42

Habitat(s): Presumably Level 4


One of the first image showing LS instance.


Lost Souls (LS for short) holds a very important impact of the death in backrooms. Entity 42's significance lies not in its behavior or reaction to its environment, but rather in its ability to grant us immortality which allows us to explore more.


Instances of SL often exhibit intriguing behavior showcasing their innate curiosity. One example that some instances emits a gentle, pulsating light that continually fluctuates in both intensity and color. This remarkable creature possesses the remarkable ability to adapt its illumination, seamlessly blending with its surroundings or employing distinct patterns to convey a wealth of information or even evoke emotions. Such adaptability is yet another testament to their boundless curiosity. Moreover, the Lost Soul possesses the extraordinary capacity to absorb and store diverse forms of energy from its environment. It can effortlessly harness energy from various sources, including light, heat, and even electromagnetic fields, further exemplifying its insatiable curiosity and versatility.


Lost Souls possess energy that can be harnessed to charge flashlights and other battery-powered devices. These entities share similarities with wanderers, yet their aging process differs significantly. While wanderers have finite lifespans, Lost Souls exhibit remarkable longevity. While some speculate that their lifespan is infinite, it is generally believed that they can live for over 60,000 years.

When a wanderer's life comes to an end, their soul is transported to a realm known as Voidland. In Voidland, the soul is enveloped within an orb-like shield, providing it with protection. However, as the shield eventually dissipates, the soul becomes exposed and vulnerable. Despite this vulnerability, Lost Souls cannot be killed, destroyed, or affected in any permanent way.

After an indeterminate amount of time, the wanderer's soul returns to the location of their demise. They come back with all the consequences and experiences they encountered before being transported to Voidland. It should be noted that the duration of their stay in Voidland is not fixed and can vary.


Aver Corporation gathered information from wanderers who encounter it, first encounter occured in Level 4 where group of wandere's explored hallway to find useful supplies and some valuable items, after some time they noticed transported white ball floating in air when they approached to it the thing already gone. Aver Corporation track down the group of wandere's who encounter it, and write down the informations they get

Dos and Don'ts:


  • Use Entity 42 as a charger tool.
  • Don't lie on them, they know you're lying them.


  • Do NOT provoke them at all cost.

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