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Class deadzone

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Level C-395 is the 395th level of the Backrooms C-Levels.


Level C-395 is an old-fashioned apartment — most of the rooms have only a worn-out bed.

That's where my friends once lived — now they're all gone.

However, one of them, a small room with about 20 square meters of floor space, contains a broken bed, a bedstand, an armoire, and a desk, among other furniture. Much of the wallpaper in this room is significantly torn.

I tore that up.

Only sanguine can be seen outside the French window of Level C-395.

You once told me that this color is beautiful.


There are a great number of Smilers.

When you took photos for me before, you tried to make me smile brighter.

Now you meet me again. You should be happy too, right?

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

Because this level is extremely difficult to survive, there are no bases, outposts or communities.

I only let you in.

Entrances and exits:


If you find a very unnatural bed in Level C-13 and sleep on it, this will lead you to this level.


If you hide under a yellow bed, then close your eyes and hold your breath for 30 seconds, this will lead you to Level 6.

That's how you dragged me out of the bed.

Relax, I'm not gonna do this. You can go if you want.

Why did you take French leave?

I won't blame you.

I'll come and find you.

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