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Class 4

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The first picture ever taken of Level 994.

Level 994 is the 995th level of the Backrooms.


Level 994, commonly referred to as the "Flooded Complex", is a not infinite but very big complex of rooms and hallways which are slightly submerged in nice and relaxing lukewarm water. Every single room varies in size and structure, with no two rooms being the same size or structure. Every single thing in this level is made out of a sort-of brown concrete material which seems to be non-breakable because all attempts of damaging it have not been successful. Most rooms contain small pipes which are usually scattered around the floor. These pipes are made out of a hard metal-like material. These pipes contain water inside them, and breaking the pipes will make the water spill out.

Strangely, As far as i know the temperature of the water is always the same, the water never becomes colder or hotter. It is currently unknown why this is the way that it is. There is something in the water, which makes the person who swims in it very relaxed and calm. Currently, The M.E.G. are investigating what is located in the water and how it is able to make people feel like this. The lukewarm water in this level is strangely silent, and it produces no sounds at all. This water isn't safe to drink because it contains bacteria which can make you sick or possibly even lead to your death.

In some cases, rooms will be completely pitch black making it very hard, actually almost impossible to see in them. Due to this, it is recommended to bring a flashlight or any actual source of light to be able to see in these rooms. This level does have a day and night cycle, which functions practically the same as in The Frontrooms. During the day, the level will mostly be bright with the small exception of those weird rooms which are pitch black. During the night, the level will suddenly become pretty dark, but you will still be able to see in it. It is recommended to use your sources of light during the night because entities may be hard to see and they may sneak up on you. Rarely, you may come across a window which will let you see the outside, it will also produce a bit of light. The outside of this level is just a bright, white void of nothingness. No attempts to enter the outside have been made, but if you do enter the outside then you are probably just gonna die.

The documented entities in Level 994 are: Smilers, Skin-Stealers, Hounds, Wretches, Crawlers, Facelings, Deathmoths, Clumps and Windows.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

M.E.G. Outpost: Water Divers

  • A big outpost which is in a giant room.
  • About 47 people living here.
  • This base is heavily guarded due to the amount of entities on this level.
  • M.E.G. operatives have painted the walls white and put posters making finding the outpost .easier.
  • Open to trading.
  • They get commonly attacked by entities.


Level 994 was first discovered when an unknown wanderer clipped into the level through some other level. When he first entered Level 994 he said that his head hurt and that he forgot what level he was even in before he entered. After that he started to tell groups some information about the level and he called them to further investigate things about the level.

Entrances and Exits:


Level 994 can be entered through flooded hallways in Level 2. It can also be accessed through The Hub's doors.


Small holes may lead to Level -1. Finding a door made out of metal will cause the level to morph into Level 1. Swimming in the water for 30 minutes leads to Level -9. Other exits are unconfirmed.

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