Level N̸͈̗͈̟̅̂́Ủ̷͈̠̯͇̰̺͇̅̑ͅL̷̯̅̓̇̐͛͠͠ͅͅL̸̺̙͍̇ ̵̲̻̩͕̌̒͆͌̕P̸̜̠͙̞̖̝̣̓̏̋͜͝͠O̵̢̞̥̩̩͔͈͉͈͗̋͒͝Ḭ̴͚̭̈́N̷̗̣͔̅̈̉̃̊̎̉Ț̴̹͊̒̋̇̔̄̅

Class NULL



(NULL) Entities


Level N̸͈̗͈̟̅̂́Ủ̷͈̠̅̑L̷̯̅̓̇̐͛͠͠ͅͅL̸̺̙͍̇ ̵̌̒͆͌̕P̸̜̠͙̞̓̏̋͜͝͠O̵̢̞͗̋͒͝Ḭ̴͚̭̈́N̷̗̣͔̅̈̉̃̊̎̉Ț̴̹͊̒̋̇̔̄̅ is a enigmatic level. Wanderers have reported a entity in a weird structure. The entity was reported inside a lot of shapes that don't exist. The entity sometimes twitches during an event called "The Hunt." The area consists of a infinite plane of a white floor with only the entity's structure and occasional non existent shapes. There is also a counter clock counting down from 99:99:99. We expect this to reach 0 in July 39.

The Hunt

The Hunt is a phase in the level that turns every color in the level inverted, while almost every entity in the backrooms try to find you. This happens every hour and lasts for another. The weird thing is that the entities don't attack each other. The recommended thing to do during The Hunt is to kill at least 15 entities to escape the level. As soon as you are heard/spotted, every entity knows where you are. Its best to commit suicide by then.


All electric devices DON'T work no matter what. People cannot find each other inside the level due to the level not allowing more than one person at a time. Wanderers outside forget the level (if they knew it before) when someone is inside of it. They suddenly remember when the person inside dies/leaves. If you have almond water, upon entering the level it will disappear. Squirt guns and bottled lighting are rendered useless as they do not do anything when inside the level. Any drawings made of the level suddenly burn up, no matter what material its drawn on. Trying to tell anyone what it looks like (vocally) makes their voicebox explode, so doing so is not recommended.


Normally, (before The Hunt) there are Smilers, Hounds, Clumps, and special Woodlins inside this level. Woodlins inside the level stick to the floor and hunt their prey that way. During The Hunt, entities like Clumps, Skin Stealers, Smilers, Clumps, Hounds, Dullers, SixArms, Woodlins, and sometimes even Camo Crawlers. Good luck.

The Entity in the Middle

The entity looks like a rotten version of the Game Master infused with many other entities such as Smilers, Hounds, and Clumps. M.E.G. Researchers are investigating the entity. They gave it a name called the Null Master. The Null Master sometimes breaks a shape with telepathic powers.

Colonies, Outposts, and Bases

Due to the nature of this level they are not possible here.


There is a VERY small chance of a bus appearing in An Infinite Bus Depo that leads you here. It has inverted colors of Level 0. You can also noclip into a window on a plane on Level ∞.


You can exit by killing at least 15 Entities in The Hunt. This will lead to The Hive. You can also exit by noclipping into a random shape. This will lead you to Level 404.

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