The forgotten trailer park level -6533
This trailer park is a warm foggy trailer park with distant 50's music play from an unknown source
This park is very dangerous due to the effects it has on the body every 30 minute the explorer loses a sense for is thought when you lose all 5 of your senses the explorer will collapse and become a part of the thick fog.

It is suspected there is a entity called The Slider who slides around the level and mostly is friendly.

In the trailers you can find almond water and food on the tables however do not eat ANY of the food it will cause both your livers to collapse. It is suspected that most of the trailers in the level are very weak due to the rotten wooden frames so there is a chance of items falling on you.
This level is impossible to come with a group of people it is thought that you all will be separated and will be sent to different levels. There is no confirmed way to get to this level but it is suspected that the entrance is in level 9.

Find a part on the infinite road that runs through the park that you can fall into.
There has only been 1 confirmed escape the person completely lost his hearing
IMAGE (was taking in 1975 when the level was first discovered)
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