Hotel 401: “Hotel Vymir”


Class 2 Hotel

  • Unsafe…?
  • Secure Areas
  • Medium Hotel Guest Count

Hotel 401 is the 402nd level hotel of the Backrooms. It was discovered constructed sometime in 1998, and is collectively referred to by wanderers residents as “Hotel Vymir”.


MY Description:


Pretty cheap, especially for Backrooms standards.


Ya SUUUUUURE you would like to stay in a room? That’ll cost you $9.50.

Why, yes, hello there! Welcome to Level 401, or as I like to call it, “Hotel 401”!

So…let’s get started here. My name is Vymir; I am a 43-year old entity…..wait, do Backrooms entities even have ages? Nah I’ll just assume they do. But anyways, I am a 43-ye—oh wait, I already said that. Anyways, I am a humanoid entity with…hm, let me look in my mirror for a moment…a-HA! I have the head of a snake, arms which are the head of the snake, and feet that are the heads of a snake too! However, just please….DON’T call me “Mr. Snake.” What do I look like to you? A character from The Bad Guys?

Now anyways, you’re probably asking; “But Vymir! We’re asking for a description here, so why aren’t you giving us one?” Well, look…I just have, like, memory issues. I completely forgot I was writing a DESCRIPTION. Now anyways, this level hotel is a large labyrinth of rooms, halls, lobbies n’ stuff like that, all of which resemble…alright do I really have to say it? You clearly know, but just for the sake of this article, I’m gonna say it; they resemble a cheap hotel from the 80’s. There, happy now? Oh yea, did I forget to mention it loops too? As in, if you travel in a direction for several hours (or maybe minutes), you’ll end up in the same place? I managed to achieve that via chatting with my technician to have a repeating effect instead of simply having this hotel be infinite. And besides, I’m LITERALLY competing with the Terror Hotel, so please…give me a round of applause! In fact, we even have a Confession Stand, something that Level 5 doesn’t have!

However, this repeating effect….does have some flaws. In fact, I can’t even tell how many rooms this place has due to it! My closest estimate is somewhere around 95-109. And, like, 40 of those rooms are labeled as “unique” for some reason. Wether they can bend reality as we know it, or look like other levels of the Backrooms, you name it. But then you must be wondering; “Vymir, what about the “non-unique” rooms? What do they look like?” Well, it’s easy. Just look at the second image! The pricing for the rooms is in the 2nd image too! Trust me, you can stay for as long as you like! Oh yea, for some reason, if you stay in the hotel rooms for 7 days…’ll turn into a Faceling.

Food and drink service is always here in case you’re hungry/thirsty, but I literally decided to……steal food and drinks from Level 36. So if you notice a fowl taste, or anything like that, just don’t mind it. The consumables here are actually healthy! Oh yea, it’s also more of your fault if you die, because you were the one who was hungry/thirsty. Most of our napkins, silverware, etc. have my beautiful name “VYMIR” on it as well! In fact, many have called this hotel what it’s known as now, and it’s all because of the silverware n’ stuff! So please…give our napkins, silverware, and whatever a round of applause!

Oh yea, I almost forgot—we have a casino as well! And no, not the rooms that are Level 777 and Level 5.1 look-alikes. I’m referring to the casino directly IN this level. Just walk around until you find the glass doors with a glowing replica of my head above it! Believe me, you’ll have quite the gamble of a lifetime! Just please…don’t try to release any information about this. However, I will simply list that the casino looks cheap; that’s the only piece of info you’re getting.

M.E.G Description:


Level 401 houses many Facelings, nearing the point of infestation. However, one single entity known as “Vymir” has been documented. And that’s me, myself, and I!


Vymir is a humanoid entity with green skin and a snake’s head, along with it’s hands and feet being snake heads. The entity is also documented to be in a business suit, and will occasionally wear a police hat. While the entity is non-hostile, it has been shown to import many of Level 401’s dangerous anomalous properties, such as wanderers turning into a Faceling after the 7 day mark. The entity has also been editing this article, and attempts to undo Vymir’s edits have only resulted in the edits being restored. It’s called commentary, man. Just let it slide! A small quote from an operative about Vymir is listed below.

God…Vymir’s just SOOOOO stupid. Like, I get it, he’s harmless. But because of how he’s implemented so many of 401’s anomalous properties that make it dangerous for long stays, I’m legit convinced that Vymir’s literally just stupid as heck and doesn’t know how to be truly considered as a harmless entity.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Due to the anomalous nature of Level 401, creation of a settlement for any longer than 7 days is infeasible. Besides, this is MY hotel, so why would you expect me to let you stay for any longer than 7 days, ya dimwit? However, one “community” permanently resides on Level 401.

Hotel Vymir Residents

Ah, yes…my lovely residents!

This “community” in Level 401 consists of all of the wanderers in the level that have been turned into a Faceling, or at least entities that resemble Facelings, as further studies and research shows that these Facelings contain a different DNA than regular Facelings. This “community” has all their “members” residing in different hotel rooms; rooms where the Hotel Vymir Residents can be most commonly found are as follows;

  • Room #2
  • Room #98
  • Room #67
  • Room #52
  • Room #35
  • Room #12 (rarely)
  • Room #9

This “community” is docile, although they are almost always unresponsive, which makes them not open for trading. However, they will occasionally walk to a different room within Level 401. You can also ask a “member” of this “community” to lead you out of Level 401, in which they’ll guide you to Level 401’s main exit.

Entrances and Exits:


You can come anytime! Just walk around Level 400 until you find a door that leads to one of our hotel rooms!

Level 401 can be accessed from Level 400 through doors in the aforementioned level. These doors are labeled as “HOTEL 401”, and entering these doors will lead to either a janitor’s closet, a bathroom, or a hotel room. Alternatively, one can enter Level 401 via randomly passing out in Level 5.


Well, if you REALLY dislike the place, then it’s ok to leave. Just ask a Faceling, or an employee, and they’ll guide you out of here.

Level 401’s consistent exits are few and far between; due to the looping effect, no proper physical exit (e.g. doors) have been found within the level. The physical exits are speculated to exist at the end of Level 401, although the looping effect prevents confirmation of this. In addition, due to the properties that Level 401 presents, an egress must be located before the 7 day mark.

  • The primary way of leaving Level 401 is simply via asking an employee, or a Faceling to guide you out, in which upon 3-5 minutes of walking, you will have arrived at a set of glass doors. Entering these doors will lead out to Level 11, although you can go back through the doors to re-enter Level 401.
  • Alternatively, a few rooms (e.g. room #34, room #12, room #57) will rarely have a window appear in them. These windows can be triggered by sleeping in a bed for 30 seconds, and leaving Level 401 via the window method can be done by smashing the window and jumping through it. Upon doing so, you will fall into Level 188.
  • Level 401 has also been confirmed to be one of the many levels to be connected to Level 998; the entrance door to Level 998 can rarely replace room #99’s bathroom door, and pushing back the door will lead to the staircase of Level 998.

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