Level 179 : The City of Golden City


Class 0

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Level 179 is a Super City created by M.E.G that previously belonged to Level 10, This Super City could contain 1,000,000 (One Million) Inhabitants. The Level 179 looks too much like New York City and several Trading Posts can be found here, the most popular being a Resource Shop which you can find almost in the Center.

Almond Water and other Resources are very Common at Level 179 so much so that they can appear in almost every Shop that exists in the Level. Various Facelings and Humans can be found in the Level, Level 179 has Effect 11

Entity List

Several Facelings were seen in this level, Due to Effect 11, the Child Facelings are not Hostile and are quite Friendly, another Entity that you will see a lot are the Blub Cats, Here are Several Families of Facelings that have Blub Cats as Pets, Another fact about the Facelings is that they can speak Spanish and French.

Colonies and Outposts

MEG Base Golden City

  • 250 Members
  • Friendly
  • can trade

Hotel Golden City

  • a MEG Hotel
  • Only 5 Backdollars a Night
  • Luxury Hotel
  • Friendly and they have a Cafeteria

Entraces and Exits


  • There is an entrance to level 179 that only the MEG knows about.


  • Too much walking can cause you to go back to Level 10
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