Level 5.A


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Level 5.A is a Sub-Level between Level 4 and Level 5


Level 5.A is a space similar to that of a desert with very low temperatures, the Sky is black in color and you can find Colonies and Outposts that were taken by the Entities.

Once inside the Level you will realize how you feel that you no longer have hope and that everything is lost.

some reports say that if you dig in the sand there is a possibility that you will find normal water



Reanimated Smilers
Reanimated Smilers are creatures that have never been seen by living explorers, not even known to exist or is actually another entity, but some reports report that Reanimated Smilers are Smilers revived by a currently extinct entity.

The Dead Presence
They are Entities that cause the death of selected explorers, these entities do not physically exist, the best thing you can do to avoid being the next one is not to enter the Level because the only way they can select the Subject is for him to enter the level, this is because these entities can track any life form that enters the level, those that are selected die of a heart attack

Entrances and Exits


The Only way to Enter Level 5.A is by Not Clipping a door that says "Everyone Will Die In Here" which will Rarely appear in Level 9999.


The Only way to Get Out of Level 5.A is by Not-Clipping the Floor of the Level

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