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A picture taken on top of a hay bale stack.

Level 301 is the 302nd Level of the Backrooms. It is a infinte field with a variety of crops growing and patches of small dense forest. The level is very safe, even inducing a calming effect upon any wanderers who end up in the level, proving them with a feeling of intense nostalgia with apperntely no source. There is also an exclusive Phenomena happening within this Level.


Level 301 is an infinite field with occasional small dense forests, and farmland growing various crops. Additionally, small cottages can be found near the farmland, which have a spacial anomaly which causes the space inside to be larger than the exterior of the structure would suggest.

The level has diurnal cycle which lasts for twenty four hours. However, during the sunset death rats appear more frequently and the ground will become gradually darker until it is pitch black making it hard to traverse around the level. Curiously there have been no observed celestial bodies at nighttime. Because of that, it will be extremely dark and using flashlights is highly advised.

In the distance there can be seen modern wind turbines that cannot be reached and only a portion of these remain operational. When one tries to go in the direction of the wind turbines, they will always be the same distance away from the individual. Small pockets of almond water can be found throughout the level. Note that consuming almond water inside this level, specifically from the pockets will make the wanderer daydream about how life was for them outside of The Backrooms.

Additionally, when entering Level 301 wanderers will feel a strong sense of nostalgia which induces a calming effect on such individuals. Because of that, the level has the ability to lull wanderers to sleep. These wanderers report having dreams of a childhood memory at the time they were sleeping. However, this occurs only once to a wanderer. If one wants to experience it again, they must leave the level and enter it again.

The Nostalgia Effect:

There in a Phenomena exclusive to this Level that is completely harmless but can confuse Wanderers after experiencing it and lead into potential Entities. After some time wandering the Level, one might discover a lone door leading into a room. The room has been described as childhood bedroom, Kindergarden, or House familiar to the person passing through. If the person does not have memories of such places, the door will let not let them pass through. The rooms are able to be interacted with and items can be taken with for a short time. The Phenomena lasts for 5-30 minutes and will dissapear. When dissapearing the wanderer will find themselves in a position where they should be in the field. This also accounts for height and if the person was on a second story for example, a House with stairs, they will fall from potentially high altitudes.


A picture of the sunset right before transitioning into dusk.

The Barn:

The Barn is a structure found in level 301 that resembles a 1960s style barn with a few notable features that differentiate it from normal barns. A few of the most notable characteristics are:

  1. A spatial anomaly which results in a larger space than the exterior volume would suggest
  2. The complete absence of any animals traditionally associated with a barn
  3. barrels filled with a viscous black fluid1
  4. almond water coming out of the sink.2
  5. and lastly a bedroom with a TV3 constantly displaying static and causing a buzzing noise similar to that of Level 0.

One prominent feature of The Barn is that everyone entering is completely alone; if multiple wanderers enter The Barn simultaneously, they will be incapable of encountering on another due to effects which are not currently understood. Exiting The Barn is done by simply going outside of it dissapearing once left. Entering The Barn is done by either nocliping through a hay bale stack on Level 205 or finding it on Level 301 but this is extremely rare. Note that only wanderers that have been to a barn outside of The Backrooms can enter or find this Structure.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Old Farmers

The Old Farmers are one of the only 2 communities on this level. They are friendly so long as you don’t enter their farm without permission.

  • They consist of about 40 human people.
  • They love trading with anyone.
  • They live in the small cottages.
  • They claimed to have lived on this level since 1960.

B.N.T.G. Base Theta

  • An B.N.T.G. Base made for harvest of almond water and various crops.
  • consists of 38 people.
  • Will trade the almond water for exceptionally high prices.


The only two entities on this level are dullers and death rats both found hiding inside cornfields.

Entrances And Exits:


  1. The only confirmed enterance is on Level 10 by climbing a hay bale stack to the top. Doing so will teleport you here.


  1. Exiting is possible by going a undetermined distance south until finding a mountain range, once entering the mountain range you will be transported to the Forest of level 302.
  2. Lastly, going inside the small forests has a slight possibility of binging you to level 36

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