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Actual photo taken in the basement of the daycare building in Level 484.

Level 484 is the 485th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 484 resembles a 90's suburban daycare center in the early hours of a gloomy November morning. It is always daytime here, although the lack of sunlight causes the daycare center to constantly keep its lights on. Despite an apparent flow of electricity, the light switches and electric sockets don't seem to be functioning here. Trying to disconnect the CRT TVs, lamps or other electronic equipment can occasionally result in dangerous volts of electricity passing through poorly insulated ceiling-wires and into the plywood foundation of the building resulting in severe injury from electrocution. It is advised to avoid tampering with any of the equipment in Level 484.

The interior of the level consists of late 90's to early 00's children's toys, plywood ceilings, CRT televisions, radios, boomboxes and lockers. Although consisting of seven different rooms, (including a basement) the daycare center doesn't seem to follow any logical layout. It is observed that after the first 24 hours daytime cycle ends, the arrangement of the furniture in the seven rooms changes completely. Speculations suggest that the level is mimicking daycare workers "cleaning up" and "re-organizing" the furniture and toys after the children have gone back home.

The main room's front door is locked, and attempting to open it can cause wanderers to loose consciousness. The windows in the top five rooms are sealed shut, looking outside wanderers will see a gloomy fog with no descernable features.

Staying in Level 484 for prolonged periods of time can cause auditory hallucinations and disorientation. Some wanderers witnessed hearing children's laughter from adjacent rooms, which became louder upon entering only to abruptly stop. Auditory hallucinations are reported when staying too long close to the CRT TVs which then play an audio loop of different early 00's commercials and cartoon intros such as the Looney Tunes theme.

The only known entities in this level are the Daycare Children which resemble shadowy apparitions of 3 - 8 year old children. They are harmless unless provoked in which case they may 'reset' you and send you back to Level 0.


There is an Almond Water vending machine behind the door to the room that resembles a kitchenette.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the limited space in this level, there are no known bases or outposts.

Entrances And Exits


The only known entrance to Level 484 is by entering a daycare center located in the basement of one the residential buildings in Level 11


Notably, each room has a calendar on the backfacing wall showing the same date "November 28th" in alternating calendar years between 1998 to 2004. It has been reported that changing the date on all calendars to November 1st causes a glitch in the main room's front door which can be used to exit the level.

Some wanderers have reported that managing to open one of the lockers can allow you to no-clip into the School Halls of Level 52.


On February 12th 2022, a wanderer who managed to exit Level 484 was able to capture the following picture:


A photo of a diary entry of a Daycare Child found in Level 484. It is speculated that these diary entries appear from time to time, hinting at an underlying sentience with these entities.

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